How many times have I mentioned that I am obsessed with shoes? A million right! Well, shoes are honestly my biggest weakness. I am not saying that I have a gazillion pair of shoes but I am working towards it. I can do without a lot of clothes and accessories but not without good shoes, no.

Talking about good shoes, I sincerely do not believe that the most expensive and branded shoes are the best. Not at all. After years of hit and trails you finally become wise enough to judge a shoe  nicely. And I can say that I have seen brands failing miserably and shoes from local stores doing much better. All you need is a good eye.

On the blog itself, I have shown you a number of shoes from different places and told you why I got them. For me, the style and quality both matter equally. I can’t wear boring shoes. Now simple does not mean boring. There is a difference there too.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and talk about my new favorite shoe brand, Gush Accessories. I came across these guys over Instagram itself and moments later I found myself drooling over the designs. Now Gush has a little something for everyone, classics for the people who like to make a statement and some out-there’s for people who don’t mind some extra attention their way.


My absolute favs have to be these mint ones. I totally love the design here and of course the color is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, I haven’t seen something similar at all and that’s what the catch is.



When it came to styling these beauties I decided to also show you another lesson in layering. Now, we always layer our tops and not long ago I showed you how to layer your bottoms but well, here I decided to layer two skirts. This one was done just to add some quirk to the denim skirt that I have worn the simple way a lot times. I needed it to look different so I wore my fringed dress under it just so the fringes show from the bottom of the skirt and create a whole new look.



For the top I decided to go with this cute striped sweater tucked inside the skirt for a neat look. I also accessorized a little with my V necklace and this armlet that I wore as a choker around my neck. Also, I added a pair of pink socks to deal with the chill and also so the mint color of the shoes pops even more. 😀


Here we come to an end. Please do share what you think of the shoes and the overall look! Your comments and likes mean everything to me. Also, if you already don’t, please follow me on Instagram @spill_the_sass for daily updates!


Shoes: Gush Accessories, find them here.

Skirt: Forever21

Fringed black dress worn inside: @zaubermoda on Instagram.

Striped pink sweater: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Black bag: Kamla Nagar, Delhi

V necklace: DIYed myself.

Armlet (worn as choker): Forever21

Photography credits to my baby brother Anmol of Mixtape Photography! Find more of him, here.

Until next time,





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