If  you are a FRIENDS fanatic like me, you know where the title comes from. Let me just get it all clear. I was planning on shooting a Valentine ’s Day look for you lovely ladies and hopefully it might be there but while I was putting it all together I realized that personally I have never really celebrated the with a boyfriend/lover! Having been single for a long time now, I either sulk on the day thinking about what I could have done or I celebrate it my own way.

Now, since my blog is very personal to me and more often than not I make it a point to share my life with you guys, I thought it would be much better if I talk about what I do on Valentine’s. And who knows, it might just help some of you in a way. You all have been like a close knit family and so sharing with you becomes very important.

However, this is a fashion blog and not my diary so obviously I did put together a look for you people. There is nothing much done about it so I am going to talk about it in the end.

Coming back to V-Day I, after years of crying, have realized that this day means a lot more than getting gifts for your lover. In fact it is not only for your other half but for everyone and everything you love. Your friends, family, pets, movies, just anything.

So this Valentine’s if you’re single like me, here are a few things you could do (Also, because it is a Sunday!). Basically all the things that you love.

IMG_6247 (2)

I am an avid reader. I rarely ever get the time anymore though, but I try. So I am going to read. Currently, I am read Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart. 🙂

In case you are not much of a reader, you could also watch a movie or two. I can watch movies endlessly, excluding the pee breaks and visits to the kitchen of course.

You could also just go out with friends who too have nothing planned for the day. Squad goals you see? I want to be in Taylor Swift’s squad. Ok, sorry.


Since, I don’t live here with my family, an outing with them is not possible but you sure can. I may get together with my annoying brother to talk about how I suck at things. Sibling love!


Do you notice I even clicked the pictures doing the same things? Haha. I am lame/fun like that. Even I thought lame first.  Anyway, I am a huge ass dog lover and the saddest part about my life is not having a dog. L I do make it point to have fun with any/every stray dog I see! “You shouldn’t touch them. They’re so dirty!”, they say. My answer is, they do not have access to showers and clean food like you and me, what do you expect? Look at this cutie below. He wouldn’t stop even for a second.


Make friends with strangers and kids. Kids can be annoying, I know. 😛 But for the first fifteen minutes that they are not, you actually end up having some great conversations and time with these young wise minds.


Oh and you could buy some flowers like I did. I don’t buy flowers very frequently but sometimes I just need that extra freshness in life, which these beauties always provide.

This looks like a boring lecture from a teacher but I am sorry, all I needed was to share. I know you can end up feeling pretty weird and sad on Valentine’s if you’re single, but well if you did the right things, maybe you won’t. 🙂




Talking about today’s look, I went in for a mix of bold and feminine. My rugged, distressed denim call for a power packed, sexy and bold vibe while the elegant LOVE top, the heels and the rolled up hair add all the required elegance to balance it all. The top that I am wearing here is actually a sleeveless dress and under it I am wearing a falling shoulder bodysuit to give it that cut out sleeve look. Make sure you hoard these cut out sleeves or work them out like I did, because they are going to be a rage this coming season. And you know what else is? The skinny scarf. Yes, these retro beauties have made a huge comeback and it is time to indulge in this chic taste.


Also, I am not a fan of accessorizing too much every time. Sometimes minimal is good and so I went on just with this stone bracelet from this new super glam destination for accessories I came across over Instagram, NSA Accessories. All their pieces are the same, classy and statement making and you must, must check them out.

Here we come to an end loves. Please make sure to let me know what you thought of this little personal post and of course the look. 😀


LOVE top (actually a dress) :

Black falling shoulder bodycon:

Bracelet: NSA Accessories, find them here.

Jeans: Sarojini Nagar

Heels: Stelatoes

Scarf: actually a belt that came with a blouse.

Credits for the photograpy, once again to my brother form Mixtape Photography. Find him, here



3 thoughts on “BE YOUR OWN WINDKEEPER!!

  1. sahil shikalgar says:

    Listen to
    Your love’s whore -by wolf Alice !

    And mona lisa smiling !

    I liked the post ,especially the patience that your photography wala guy shows .
    kids as new friends , good idea


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