Will you be my Valentine? No? OK.

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s personally but an occasion to dress up? Always up for one. Since I did one V-Day post for the singles, mainly myself, how could I not post something for those adorable lovebirds out there? Of course I had to.

You know what I did for the same. I got together with Jabong to create three cute looks for you ladies out there who want to impress their man on the day. With one skirt i created three looks that are sure to make him fall in love with you once again.

Before anything, I totally love the skirt. Why? The is to die for. If falls like a water fall and fits like one too. Everytime  I put it on I feel like a princess who is ready to take over the world with her elegance and girl power.

LOOK 01.Sheer Elegance.

This one is for the ladies out there. By ladies I mean the ones who are sophisticated and elegant to the extreme and act like a lady. The skirt worn low waist gives is a very english, elite feel and I love the vibe. To team it up I added a camisole in red! How can you do without red on Valentine’s right? I also added a sweater worn off-shoulder with little hearts on the same. The perfect pair of heels and the look is complete.

IMG_6509 (2)

IMG_6514 (2)

IMG_6524 (2)

LOOK 02. Sexy Chic.

For the ladies who like to make a statement and like to be their sexy selves on Valentines to woo their man! With a red bralette, I wore the skirt very haigh waist this time and loved the sexy edge it gave . Accessories on point from one of the best on Instagram, NSA accessories. Totally love the earrings.



IMG_6573 (2)




IMG_6565 (2)

IMG_6577 (2)

LOOK 03. Cute Love.

This is for me and for others like me who like to be comfortable and cute is thing you go for. I wore the skirt like a tube dress this time but to not let go of the flavour, still wore the bralette on top which added all the more cuteness. a denim jacket and converse to go, add all the comfort.





How were the looks?Do let me know what you think of the outfits and which one is your favorite. Also, Jabong has created a whole Valentine store for you lovelies. Do not forget to check the valentine collection, here.


Skirt:, Find it here

Red bralette: Tibetan Market, Nainital.

Accessories (look 02): NSA Accessories, Find them here.

Heels: Kamla Nagar, Delhi


Denim Jacket: Tibetan Market, Delhi.

Photography credits, Mixtape Photography. Find him here.

Have a great Valentine ya’ll! ❤










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