The most raw form of fashion, street fashion has suddenly taken the world by storm. And how I like it? Oh, I love it. We are all lovers of all things fancy and nice but do we not sometimes like to go with some fresh, crude, fashion. Well, everyone may or may not do it but street style is one of the most frequent used words in the fashion industry today.

The name itself depicts where is comes from. And not until long ago, it belonged just there. On the streets. However, a new wave of fashion has brought with it this new trend and from fashion innovators to celebrities, everyone is going gaga over the same. Aren’t you?

This is definitely one of my favourite genres of fashion, if I may call it. I love how you could be what you like and get away calling it all “street style”. Trust me, the next time someone judges your fashion choices, tell them what I just told you. Although, most of us think that street fashion had always be some experimental, out-there, quirky, ripped shit, don’t we? Well, personally and also from what I have read and seen, it is not so. Street fashion can of course be your distressed denim but at the same time a saree draped over a shirt. The best part is, it can be just anything.

This looks like one big advertisement for street style and they would have paid me quite some grands if it were a brand but believe me you guys, if you are afraid to let your creativity out, don’t be! You’re your only judge. Start small, drape a scarf around your neck. Wear socks that do not match. Haha. You know I love breaking the “rules” right? Is it that obvious? 😛

Anyways, I should give it a rest. Let’s talk about what I created for you today. This is one of my favourite looks for the sole reason that it is fun and so comfortable.


So I wore an ox-blood slip dress that I got from Forever21 and I don’t really prefer deep necks so I tied the strings in the back so it looks high neck. If you have a dress that it too deep, you too can try this sometime. Over the same, I tied a plaid shirt. I love, love tied shirts. I don’t even wear them, it is like a fashion statement to me! Tying them on my waist. Do you not feel the same? Doing something just because you like it even though it has no point?



To top it off, I also carried a denim jacket and since it is still a chilly outside in the capital I wore these lovely long socks with some stripes on them. The best thing I like about winters is how much I can wear socks and hats and they’re the only things I am going to miss when summers hit. You have to check Stardust Fashion and you’ll find yourself caught in a web of some crazy ass accessories. I got my socks from the same and you too should get one. A pair of thigh high socks is a must. Besides my favourite socks they also have a large number of other pretty things. I’ll share the link below so you could check them all out!




With my tan boots I completed the look and of course not to forget my bow hairdo! I know, I know, a tutorial on the same is pending. I promise it will be up soon. 🙂

So what do you think of the look and my ideas on StreetStyle? Do let me know please!


Dress: Forever21

Shirt: Tibetan Market, Nainital

Jacket: Tibetan Market, Delhi

Socks: Stardust Fashion, find them here.

Boots: Random store in a mall

Thank you for all the love!


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