Hey everyone,

How is life? I don’t seem to ever find a suitable answer to this question myself. Do you feel the same? Anyways, before I get into some kind of crazy philosophy, I’ll just get started with today’s post.

Not long ago I gave you a total of ten ways to wear a shirt (In case you missed, check them out here and here ), today I am going to show you three ways to wear a long shirt. And no, I am not going to ask you to tuck it in. There is a reason why it is long, isn’t it?

Let’s dig in.

Look 01. Go Banjaran.

A lot of people associate me with being more bohemian than anything else and well no doubt that’s my favourite trend, the boho, banjaran, indie; all different but still the same.

IMG_6392 (2)

Not long ago, I came across this powerhouse of talent, Mehandee with a brand called Banjaran. Now seriously, I may tell you how much I love her work but it would be nothing even close to what it actually is. She has a huge collection of shoes that will make you cry because of their beauty and art involved. She also does more than just shoes, so check her out from the link I provide in the end. 🙂

IMG_6407 (2)

I personally chose to get her classics, the black and red ikat oxfords which define contemporary fashion. So for this look, I went on to wear the long white shirt with nothing but a bulk of silver jewelry and these beauty for shoes.

IMG_6375 (2)

This is my take on being a modern bajaran, so I also added a bindi to complete my look and this dragon clutch from Crazy Palette to break the monotony.

Look 02. The powerhouse.

I love outfits that make feel powerful. Powerful enough to take over the world. This outfit gives me the vibes. It is so on point, crisp and sexy that I can’t help but be my best self not just from the outside but inside too. Do you ever feel the same way whe you wear a particular outfit?

IMG_6425 (2)

What I did this time was to add a pair of distressed denim along with the shirt and add a belt to clinch my waist. Although the belt I used here is actually a necklace from NSA Accessories on Instagram.

IMG_6461 (2)

IMG_6426 (2)

To add a little more I edge, I added this black shirt in knit. It happens to add a lot more definition to the whole look. I also went on adding my tasselled earring as a collar pin to give a pop of color.

IMG_6429 (2)

Look 03. Work-it

I love to add layers and thus flavours to my outfits. I’ve seen people who just do not seem to be able to mix and match. The simplest way is to layer, yes. So here I added a slip dress in purple on top of the shirt and also went on to add some gorgeous accessories from NSA accessories again. I love what they do to the whole outfit, just dazzling it all up.

IMG_6317 (2)

IMG_6332 (2)

To make the outfit look neat, I also added a shrug on top. Plus some pretty shoes in the same color do the trick.

IMG_6345 (2)

IMG_6320 (2)

Here we come to an end. Please do share your views on the same. Also, don’t forget to check out Banjaaran and NSA accessories from the links below.


Shirt: Myntra, Silly People

Shoes (look 01) : Banjaaran, find them here.

Silver jewelry (look 01): Janpath, Delhi.

Jeans (look 02.): Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Black shirt (look 02):

Shoes (look 02): Forever21

All accessories (look 02 and 03) : NSA Accessories, find them here.

Purple dress (look 03) : Janpath, Delhi

Shoes (look 03):

A huge credit to Anmol from Mixtape Photography for the kickass pictures. Take a look at his work, here.

Until the next one,




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