How are you doing? Fri-yay much?

Well, have you ever felt that you were so wrong about a certain things in life and a closer look at them completely changed your view? Definitely, my biggest misconception would be my life at NIFT. It was a dream and until I got here I thought it was just about great clothes and designs and more than anything, a lot of fun. I cannot tell you how hard this college life is. It barely gives you time to breathe let alone have fun. The bright side is the fashion that is engraved even in the walls of the college and the inspiration people here give me. I don’t know why I am talking about this but trust me, if you love something in life, please go for it. I know how content I feel doing what I am passionate about. Doing what I love.

Soon, the blog is also going to turn one and I couldn’t be more excited. So, let’s get to what we do here and make it all count.

Today I am going to talk about this crisp black maxi shirt from StalkBuyLove and two ways you can rock similar pieces. The best part about this one is, it is a knit. Now those of you who don’t know what a knit is, basically the fabrics that fall on your body like water are knits. That’s how take it. Ofcourse now I exactly know what they are but this is for the lay man. This is why I love knits, for the way they fit and drape around your body. No harsh lines, just taking the shape of your curves.

The first way I styled is was the ethnic way. I like subtle everyday ethnic wear and this is definitely one look. I simply wore it like a long kurti with the buttons undone and a sweet pink palazzo as the bottom. To accessorize and add some bling I went on to add this beautiful piece of jewellery on my neck from Shop What Knot on Instagram. They have a humongous collection of such pretty pieces and it only gets hard to choose from.

5R7A9359 (2)

5R7A9362 (2)

Later, I also went on to go with this classy dragonfly watch from India Circus. Now India Circus definitely has to be one of my favourites when if comes to merchandise with fusion prints and designs. I totally fell for the bag and it definitely tops my list at the moment. Don’t you just love the color play? Not to forget about the cute diary which note acts as my planner. With so much going on I definitely need to note down things I have to do and being old school I don’t like to do it on my phone like other people. This one seriously comes in really handy.

5R7A9391 (2)

And what is look without noteworthy shoes? Trash.  I (with a serious face) recommend Crave Connect for a small but incredible collection of shoes. These peach fringe ones are such a great add on to the whole outfit. 😀



Coming to the next look, I tried to keep it really simple and less work. We all have those days where we run out of time to get ready. Actually, it is mostly everyday. So I like clothing which is just a complete outfit in itself and don’t have to bother much. This one acts like such a sexy black dress that every lazy girl needs it.

5R7A9531 (2)

5R7A9490 (2)

I wore it with my Adidas, some cute socks and these more than perfect ( I am so obsessed! ) set of silver rings again from Shop What Knot. Told you they were amazing right? Some silver reflectors and my dogs on the go!

5R7A9543 (2)



Do you like them? Hate them? Just let me know through the comments below or over Instagram. They just get me going.


Black Maxi Shirt:, find it here

Pink palazzos: Janpath, Delhi

Necklace: ShopWhatKnot, find them here

Bag, watch and diary: India circus, find it all here

Fringed Shoes: Crave Connect, find them here

Silver rings: ShopWhatKnot, find them here

Reflectors: Janpath, Delhi

Photography credits to the amazing Delhi Velvet. You must check it out his even more beautiful wedding photography here

Don’t forget to keep showing the love that you do! I love you all tons. And there is a big surprise coming this Tuesday so be here. 😀





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