After a long hot day it has finally rained here in Delhi. Haven’t summer just barged in? I mean, just last week I was still carrying a jacket with me and now out of nowhere I feel the need of all things cold. Although, I do prefer summer over winters mainly because of the kind of clothes we can wear in this season. Everything else does suck!

Anyways, now that it is here I thought of starting with my own summer lookbook on the blog too. Before we begun, I would like to enlighten you all about where my today’s dress id from. Flyrobe, an online portal where you can RENT clothes.

Honestly, I hadn’t really know about them until recently when they launched in Delhi (after a great start in Mumbai) and I was invited for the launch party. Honestly, being an always-broke person, I love the idea that you can rent some great pieces from reputed brands in money you wouldn’t bother counting. An outfit for three whole days, a great delivery, pick-up and packaging service and you looking a stunner, what else could you ask for! While I may not rent western outfits too much, I think renting an ethnic one sure pays off. I hate spending thousands on a dress that I can wear once or twice. It is great how Flyrobe lets you rent great designer wear and rock that party! You have to check them out.

Coming back to the outfit for today, again it is a one dress and two looks scene. Sure, florals for summer isn’t ground breaking (Thanks Miranda!), I do love florals a little too much. This dress from Mango is an epitome of all floral dress I have ever worn or seen and oh how it hurt me giving it back. Nonetheless, it was all worth it.

Look 01:

For the first look I went all indie with my frilled bag, crazy bun hairdo and huge sunflower earrings that I made myself. There isn’t much to say except the fact that I can live with this look every single day for the rest of my life. How often do we feel the urge to be us? The real us? For a long time I pretended to be someone else thinking I wasn’t good enough. Now? I do not care. This is who I am and I totally love who it is. I love how crazy I can get sometimes, with y clothes, my hair or just anything.




There is nothing really crazy in the look but somehow it sets my soul free. I feel fearless and happy and all other good things!


Coming back, I wore these beautiful burgundy shoes to compliment the colors of the dress! Also, please do try the hairdo? Trust me it is so much fun.



Look 02:

For the second one, I chose to layer my dress with another one to tone down the floral flavour and add some solid colour to the whole outfit. I personally like how it turned out. It is the perfect winter-to-summer transition outfit with colors of the winter and prints that summer owns.



Interesting part, I had forgotten to carry my belt during the shoot so I used the photographer’s camera’s belt. How cool is that?




You’re wondering how I got these cute bouncy curls, right? Well even if you aren’t, let me just tell you that it is the magic of those two little buns. You open them and this is what you get. So the next time you want some nice curls without any heat, this is what you do. 😀


Add some classic boots to the look and you’re ready to kick some ass! Do I kick ass a lot? Haha.

And here we come to end and I hope you like the first transitional summer looks! Please do let me know in the comments below.


Dress: Mango, rented from Flyrobe. Get it here

Rings: What Knot, find them here

Shoes (look 01): Forever21

Sunflower earrings: DIYed

Bag (look 01): Surajkund Mela, Delhi

Maroon dress (look 02): Janpath, Delhi

Shoes (look 02): Tibetan Market, Delhi

Shoutout to my amazing photographer, Jordan aka Karanveer for such amazing photography. This has to be one of my favourite shoots ever. ❤  Check more of his work out, here.

Until the next one,


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