“For the woman who travels,

The woman who unravels,

For pants before skirts,

Lover of heat and the dirt,

No heels but shoes,

For don’ts turned do’s.”

I wrote these lines to go with a college assignment recently and oh how I love them. They define all of us, us 21st century women. Badass women. And no matter what the society had been doing to us for ages, it is all changing. Of course for the good. We don’t need no saving anymore, we are our own heroes. To this and a lot more that comes with being a woman, a happy women’s day to every single one of you.

On that happy note, let us go ahead with today’s story. The name clearly mentions what we are doing but let me throw a little more light on the same. I am sure you know of the brand, The Jodi Life. In case you don’t you need to check them out, this very instant. Okay later, after you’re done here, okay? Anyways, so talking more of woman power, it was founded by two very talented ladies, Gauri and Karuna. When you look at the collections, you are reminded of a lot of things, music, travel, freedom, happiness, culture, art and what not. On top of all of these amazing things, it focuses on Make in India by using only Indian textiles and my absolute favourite, block printing. What’s not to love right?

This is why I decided to take my love forward and showcase a whole series with them here on the blog. A total of three stories will be your way and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. Like always, I will be sharing looks with their garments and you may choose for yourself, whatever you like the best. Do tell me too! Let’s dig in.

Look 01.

IMG_7965 (2)

Having been interested in fashion for all of my life, I still don’t think I’ve seen it all. So when these guys sent me a top that looked like a fabric square with a whole I was only amused. Futuristic clothing much? I guess. For the first look I decided to wear the top as a falling shoulder one. I love showing my shoulders and I am loving what a rage such blouses are this season.

IMG_7946 (2)

IMG_7980 (2)

Again, breaking rules I went with a pair of pyjama pants. That’s what I prefer to call them. I am sorry, I am not fancy most of the times and that’s because I’m not on the inside too. I like it raw. My life, my fashion choices, everything. I like to be comfortable in what I wear and not just that, these kind of easy breezy pyjama pants are actually a current global trend. So it is time you girls give it a hand.

IMG_7921 (2)

IMG_7972 (2)

I love the combination of baggy pants and heels and so I did the same. I think they look rad, don’t they? Also, featuring my new favourite hairstyle of the moment. You have to give these cute buns a try.

Look 02.

IMG_8042 (2)

Rarely do I ever go for an outfit from the same collection of a brand because I know they were supposed to be worn together and I find that boring. I love to mix and match, of course that’s obvious! But, this one, right here, this combination just stole my heart. The two pieces look like they’re meant for each other, don’t they?

IMG_8098 (2)

IMG_8052 (2)

And there are only a few trends that I’ve ever disliked or never tried. One of them has to be high-low hems. I just can’t deal with them. I like how this high-low trend has been taken to the next level by giving it a V shape in the middle instead of two different hem levels for the front and the back. The fall of the skirt is absolutely amazing and well you can very well see how gorgeous it is.

IMG_8124 (2)

IMG_8025 (2)

For a fun look, I teamed it up with my classic black boots and minimal accessories.

IMG_8080 (2)

I’ve actually created two more looks with the same skirt but felt that pushing them all in a single blog post becomes crazy so you will be seeing them in the next one.

Do let me know what you think about this story and if there’s anything you would like to see! Your comments are precious and awaited.

Do check out The Jodi Life before you go. 😀


Indigo Striped top: The Jodi Life, find it here

Floral Skirt (Look 02): The Jodi Life, find it here

Pyjama Pants (Look 01): Janpath, Delhi.

Heels (Look 01):

Boots (Look 02): Tibetan Market, Delhi.

All Accessories: Janpath, Delhi.

Photography credits for this one go to my Natasha of NutShell Photography. Find more of her incredible work, here.

And until the next one,


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