Do you love art? I think we all do, right? In some form of the other. Personally I like the most raw of forms of art. Not that I am a big art junkie and I do not know of any names but I do like a lot of street art, graffitis and other shiz. Lately, I also happen to like doodles. What do you like?

Why I am talking about this today is because this Jodi Life lookbook has been shot at India’s first open air public art district here at Lodhi Colony in Delhi. As soon as I saw the pictures over the internet, I knew I had to go there. Plus, for me locations of my shoots matter a lot so I am always on a lookout for great visual backgrounds. 25 street artists from India and across the globe got together to do this and you guys MUST (yes, block letters!) go check it all out. I urge you to do that.

Coming to today’s fashion part of the blog now. I told you how I am going to style the skirt from the last post in two more ways right? Here they are. Do check out the previous one here, case you missed out – THE JODI LOOKBOOK, PART 01.

Look 01:


I don’t do simple a lot but I do agree that sometimes simple things make more impact than others. For this one I played around with a black crop top to go with the skirt. I rarely like to go feminine but this one here is an absolutely gorgeous combination. If you like cute, this is what you need to do.



I rarely do feminine. I said that right? Well so to tone is down and make it more fun I went for my converse instead of some girly pair of heels. Although if you like them, go ahead. And of course you know my love for minimal but statement making accessories, so I added this beautiful stone pendant chain to go with the outfit. I love how it all turned out. What do you think?


Look 02:


Let’s come back to reality. For the 567th time, I love to experiment and mix and match. So I decided to be myself and go ahead wearing the skirt as an off shoulder top. I love how it turned out. Sometimes clothes can be full of surprises if let them show and honestly I like it more as a top than as a skirt. Haha.



Also, there is a new trend around where you break the monotony of all things feminine by adding a pair of ripped jeans for a rugged look. Personally, I am loving it (Para pa pa pa!). Although I am sure that this look would have worked great with a pair of skinnys too. If you have a similar skirt, this is what you have to try next. Or right now?



I also added a pair of heels. Boyfriend jeans + heels = best combination ever! And, a necklace worn as a head band was a mandatory addition for me. 😀

So, what say? Do you like what I did with this gorgeous skirt from The Jodi Life? Let me know in the comments below.


Skirt: The Jodi Life, find it here.

Black Crop top: Zara

Stone Pendant: Janpath market, Delhi


Boyfriend jeans: Stolen from brother.


Necklace (worn as headband): Janpath, Delhi.

Do check out The Jodi Life for more of their amazing collection and read more about them on my previous post, here.

Photography credits to my love Natasha of NutShell Photography.

And until we meet again,



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