I am super excited. Why you ask! The Amazon Fashion week starts tomorrow and I cannot contain it all. I’ve got so much planned for the week. The best part about attending the fashion week is I can dress as crazy as I want and not be judged at all. Haha. Also, checking out what is going to be in fashion beforehand and the amazingly executed fashion shows are the best thing ever. Too many best things huh? I guess so. Anyways, I will keep you updated on all of it over my Instagram so make sure you follow me there (@spill_the_sass).

About today’s blog, it is about jumpsuits. I have seen a lot of girls being sceptical about jumpsuits and rompers, mainly because of all the pain you have to go through when you go do your natural business. I do feel the same, trust me. It is a head ache. At the same time though, I feel that the look they give me and how they make me feel otherwise is something I can go through that 5 minute pain for. I have about six jumpsuits and rompers combined and I love them all. Let me show you two looks with a romper that will make you buy one for the summer right away!

I rented this pretty and colourful one from Flyrobe. Rompers are generally a little short on the length and you can go for a long one if you don’t like these. In fact, I think that the jumpsuits are much more classier. I do like this one for how summer-y it looks.

Look 01:

As the trend here generally follows, I kept the first look very sophisticated and feminine. A romper is obviously one whole outfit in itself but I layered mine with a sheer black cape from Flora Clothing on Instagram. The cape adds more glam and edge to the look. It makes it look neater I suppose. I also wore some mint bracelets and a similar coloured bag to go! For shoes, I absolutely loved these silver ladies for the look and kept my hair wavy and open.







Look 02:

Now the second look of course had to be on the more fun, sporty side. It is incredible hoe the romper looks great both ways. I think it is print and colours. Had it been a floral print it wouldn’t have worked the same way!

This time I went ahead with my Adidas and string back pack and some braids on the sides for the look I wanted. I also added some silver rings to accessorize a little and add that hint of glam to this one too.







Here we go ladies! What do you think? Do you dare to buy a romper now?Let me know through your comments.


Romper: Rented from

Black cape: Flora Clothing, Instagram

Silver platform shoes: Local store

Mint bag: Designerds by Ankita Patel, Instagram

Silver rings: Shop What Knot, Instagram

Photography credits to my  homie, Einsjordan. You can look at more of his work on Instagram (@einsjordan).

See you all again.


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