Hey you all!

How was last week for you? Mine was way too hectic but at the same time, something that I totally enjoyed. It was the Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016 after all. Unlike last time, this second time my passes were all arranged on a prior basis and so I had nothing to worry about. All I needed to take care was, what to wear! Now, that is one terrible terrible question!

Okay, I am not going to lie. I had been preparing for the fashion week for quite sometime Β and in my head I had even chalked out what I was going to wear on every single day of that week. However, the realities are not the same. When the day came, so many looks changed because I wasn’t satisfied with how it was turning out. What I love about the fashion week is that I can finally just be myself, with my crazy sense of fashion and no one would judge me for it. In fact, people there love it and so it is always exciting for someone like me. Plus, meeting so many like minded people and people you take inspiration from is overwhelming.

Today on the blog, I am going to show you what I wore on each of the days and you can tell me which one you like the best! πŸ˜€

Day 01.




AIFW started on 16th March, a Wednesday. I had my college until 4 pm and from there I straight went to the fashion week. On the first day I decided to keep it minimal and wear a white shirt with some quirky eye print on one side of it. I painted the shirt myself and loved how it turned out.Let me know if you need a tutorial on the same. πŸ™‚

To go with the shirt, I wore my boots with white laces on to continue the black and white trend. I also carried this beautiful white bag from Stalk Buy Love and some flowery lace on my hand. In fact, I also painted my shades white with pink polka dots on it because I was bored with how they actually looked.

Day 02.





The second day I was the pom pom queen. Literally. I kept the look very simple with a mesh top, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a denim jacket over my shoulders.

Now the twist was, I made some space buns (also my current favourite hairdo) and hung these beautiful pom pom earrings from Krafted With Happiness on the same.To keep the trend going, I also added some pom pom strings to the straps of my shoes. And tadaaaa, pom pom queen is ready!

Day 03.




Before I forget, the theme for the fashion week this time around was India Modern and so the third day I decided to adhere to the same. I call this look, the Indian Retro. With some bell bottoms from the 70s, I decided to go heavy on Indian accessories.Β I wore these incredibly gorgeous earrings, a beautifully detailed bohemian bag and some pom pom kolhapuris from Krafted With Happiness for the same. What do you think?

Day 04.

IMG_4528 - Copy

IMG_4531 - Copy

IMG_4533 - Copy

This one is my absolute favourite. If you have been following me on Instagram (spill_the_sass), you would know that quite some time ago I posted videos of me painting a pair of jeans. Well that’s because I wasted a lifetime looking for some quirky patches to put on my clothes. I failed. Even in a city like Delhi, I couldn’t find them. Like always then I decided to make them. So I painted them on my jeans that I wasn’t using anymore and cut it out later.

For this look I wore a mint tutu skirt (I removed the lining from the skirt) and pasted the same patches here with some fabric glue. The skirt turned out to be a masterpiece! Haha.Β Everybody at the week loved it too. In fact, I am now contemplating starting my own business with the same. Would you like me to sell these? Let me know.

I kept the look low key otherwise, with a tee and some pair of shorts on the inside. I did add some flowers to my shoes though. They are the same I wore with the pom poms! πŸ˜€

Day 05.

IMG_4606 - Copy



Finally it was a wrap and once again I decided to go in hand with the theme, India Modern. So, I wore a denim jacket that I painted and this pretty skirt from Jabong Β (brand: Sangria). I also wore these super gorgeous pair of earrings called Jalpari from Nakhrewali.

Added a head scarf on my head, for reasons unknown. Went on with some bohemian make up and my platform shoes!

Here were all the five looks. Do tell me what you think and which you think is the best!


All accessories in Look 03: Krafted With Happiness, find them Β here.

Earrings Look 05: Nakhrewali, find themΒ here.

Keep the love coming. Until next time,




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    • Hi love, thank you. πŸ˜€
      As mentioned in the post, I made those patches on the skirt myself.
      And the shorts are from Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. πŸ™‚ Hope I helped.


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