DIY TUTORIAL: Aye-Aye Shirt.

A big hello to each one of you!

How are you today? I am home after months and it feels amazing. It is so confusing though. I just want to get back to work asap. 😀

Before we move to your favourite kind of posts, DIY tutorials, I have something to tell here. The skirt with patches that I recently wore to the AIFW  got amazing receptions everywhere. People literally went gaga over it and some even wanted to buy the same.  (In case you missed, check it all out here!) Now after this huge positive response I am contemplating selling some handmade patches, brooches and other accessories that you can use to quirk your clothing up. Let me know if you think I should go ahead with this idea. I’ll be waiting.

Coming to today’s tutorial, I am going to show you how I painted my white shirt which I wore on the first day of the fashion week. Now, for those who know how to paint it is actually a ten minute job.

For those of you who find it hard, let me show you how I proceeded. 😀


A solid white shirt. (You may choose a different colour too!)

Some black fabric paint.

A thin brush (Number zero)

Some card board.

A pencil and an eraser.

Step 1:

Place the shirt flat on the floor over some newspaper. The shirt should be pre-ironed so that there are no creases or wrinkles on the same.


Step 2:

Take some card board sheets lying around, or just sheets of newspaper. If you’re using newspaper, make sure the number of sheets is more so the paint does not seep in. This is just to protect the bottom layer from the paint.



Step 3:

Draw your pattern. Take a pencil and draw whatever you want painted. I drew the famous eye pattern and although I  started drawing on both sides, I later decided to erase one side as I thought it will give more edge to the whole design. It did. 😀


You don’t have to choose difficult and complicated patterns, just choose something you can draw easily and looks good at the same time.

Step  4:

Take a final look at your pattern and if you’re happy with the same go ahead and open your bottle of paint. Make sure you get fabric or acrylic paint because others will wash off when you wash the shirt. You definitely don’t want that.

DO NOT MIX WATER in the paint. These paints aren’t water based and thus need no water to be used with. Just dip your brush into the bottle and carefully outline your pattern with the same.


Step 5: Go easy. There is nothing to rush. Most art projects get ruined because we lose our patience. So if you get tired in between, take a break and start again.


And after all this hardwork, your shirt here is done. Wear and enjoy your own creation.

“So who are you wearing today?”

“Oh, myself!”


Go ahead, try it out and tell me how it turned out.

Hope you enjoyed  the tutorial.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “DIY TUTORIAL: Aye-Aye Shirt.

  1. iteachlearning says:

    This looks so good 😍 . And you wearing it just took it to another level of gorgeous ! Your DIYs have inspired me to such an extent that while browsing Pinterest yesterday and i found a Cherry blossom boyfriend jeans diy . And this is the first time i am going to do such a thing. Will definitely show you if it comes out well 🙈
    Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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