Hello, you beautiful people!

How are you today? I have been working my ass off on creating a bridal collection for college. All virtual. All killing me. The best part is, I am taking a break by writing this blog. Wohoo!

For those who do not really know, I started this blog solely for those who, like me, find it hard to spill out thousands on clothes from big brands and at the same time, hate wearing the same thing each day. This is where styling comes in. If done right, you can have a different outfit every single day from the same pieces in your wardrobe. And this is why I always come up with more than one look to show you how that garment can be worn in multiple ways.

Today on the blog I am going to talk about the versatility of a long t-shirt. I bought this one from H&M’s men’s collection for a mere 300 bucks. Yes it was on sale. I fell in love the very moment I saw it. Popsicles? Are you kidding me?

Look 01.

Like always, the first look is a simple one. I wore the t-shirt as a dress in itself and paired it with my favourite converse. I wish I could have all the colours in these shoes someday. Do you too?

To add on to the fun, I also went on to wear two different socks which accidentally also matched with the colours of the popsicles. Plus these rainbow earrings from Crimson saved my day.





Look 02.

The second look is a 90’s inspired one. I went ahead pairing the tee with a pair of jeans I stole from my brother. You can do this with any t shirt you have. I love the knot trend and this one putting right in the middle is my favourite. If you like, you can also just tuck in the t-shirt. For shoes I wore my silver flatforms and space buns for hair.





Look 03.

For the third look I went with layering. So, on top of my t-shirt I also wore this purple slip dress  to add some solid colour to the look. This not only toned down the print of the t-shirt which is obviously a little loud, but also turned it into a whole new outfit.

For shoes I wore my mint stappys and this chalkboard clutch from Crimson again. I absolutely love how you can write new things on the clutch every single day.

NOTE:Before you miss out, I am wearing the slip dress inside out. Not a fashion statement, just a mistake. Realized in the middle of the shoot but my brother thought it wasn’t worth his precious time so we kept shooting. 😛




These were the three different looks I created with one t-shirt, do tell me which one your favourite is! Your suggestions and comments are most welcome. Also thanks to your love and support I now have a family of 10k on Instagram! I seriously cannot thank you guys enough. Hugs and kisses to every single one of you.


T-shirt: H&M

Shoes (look 01): Converse

Shoes (look 02): Local Market

Shoes (look 03): Gush accessories, find them here

Jeans (look 02): Brother’s

Earrings (look 01) and Clutch (look 03): Crimson, find them here

Slip dress (look 03): Janpath, Delhi

A shout out to my endless support and photographer for the day, my brother Anmol. Find more of his beautiful work here.

And until the next one comes,


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