Stalk, buy and love!!

Hey everyone,

How are things rolling your side. My side has been full of new things. I have a huge surprise coming for you guys  but you’ll all have to wait a little. Apart from that, heat has been soaring here in Delhi and I’ve finally managed to get an AC. Laugh as you may but this is the first time I have an AC in my room. For the first fifteen minutes I didn’t even know what different things the remote could do. Well back in my home town, Nainital, we don’t even have fans let alone ACs. It’s funny how things may be very regular and normal for one person and completely new to another one.

Anyway, enough of my stupid theories, let me talk about what we are discussing here today! But before anything, let me ask you, DO YOU STALK? No, don’t you lie. I know you do. Everyone does. In fact, I’ll be honest, I sometimes find myself looking at the pictures of my friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend. Yes, I have different levels. But, even if we don’t stalk people, we end up stalking other things we like. Like for me, clothes and shoes. I window shop online. ALL THE TIME. I know you do too and this one you can’t deny.

So, if you do stalk online, you must be aware of one of my personal favourite stores StalkBuyLove. The name aptly describes what it is all about. I do stalk them, buy from them and love what I buy. It’s insane. SBL has always been one of my go-to favourites when it comes to online shopping. I have been shopping from them for quite a while now and that’s why I thought of dedicating one whole story to them.

But of course, what’s a story without a plan, right? Right. I do not think I was made for this era. Seriously. I die on the inside when I see all those gorgeous clothes from the 70’s and the 90’s. On one hand I love how 70’s was full of sophistication and yet a bold element with those flared bottoms and huge sunglasses. On the other hand, the punk and fun of the 90’s is so appealing. I was born in the nineties but then again I was kid and my mom chose what I wore and I am sorry but it wasn’t as fun.

So today, I am going to take you back in time. Now of course, you can’t wear exactly what they wore then because most folks will end up thinking that you’re going to a costume play. Hence, I decided to keep the looks subtle and only add that little hint of the era in its most modern forms.

Look 01.

For the 70’s inspired look I decided to go with an off shoulder top and a pair of midi jeans. I love how they fit in like pieces from a puzzle. To add on to the factors, I wore my huge octagonal sunglasses and wore a scarf around my neck, which if my mom saw would have called me a ‘mawali’ and asked me to behave like a girl. Bollywood I tell you. But, I adore how it turned out with my black platform shoes that I recently revamped.






Look 02:

The second look took inspiration from the dungaree trend of the 90’s and to give it a twist I wore my handpainted shirt on the inside and boots for shoes. These bold sunglasses and that pink cutesy backpack is all I needed to complete the look.The sunglasses are from Alter Ego India by the way and you so need to check them out right away. I am not even kidding people. And how could I do 90’s without a choker necklace!







Top and bottom (Look 01):, find them here

Bags in both looks:

Dungarees (Look 02):

White eye shirt aka Aye Aye shirt and Lace choker necklace: Sassy Beans, find them here

Sunglasses (Look 01):, find them here

Sunglasses (Look 02): Alter Ego India, find them here

All credits to Anmol of MixTape Photography for such amazing photographs. You can follow more of his work, here

Until next time,



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