Buck Up!!

Hola Amigos,

Great things are happening in my life. But don’t great things scare you? They scare me all the time. I mean you know getting a nice project to work on always makes me happy but at the same time I am always afraid of messing it all up. Does it happen to you too?

I’ve been hiding a lot of these good things from you but soon it will all come out in the open and you will love every single bit of it. For now we can focus on this good story right here. So you know I am skinny right? Super skinny. I won’t even get started on kind of life I’ve had because I feel everybody has gone through something and has been judged for something or the other through out their lives. But now, after ages of self loathing I’ve finally come to self acceptance and I love whoever I am. I would of course, love to get a fit body but I am no less happy.  Clothes have, however, disappointed me millions of times. Too loose. Just too loose.

So when I heard of a pair of jeans that could give you the best fit with the power of Columbian butt-lifting technique, I was hooked. I wanted to see if what they claimed was true. Believe me or not, sometimes I’ve even had to get a pair of skinny jeans altered from the sides. Sigh. I had a word with Evan, Founder of the Buckups, and I told him that I wanted to review his pair of jeans. You can always enhance curves of a person who has them but someone like me who doesn’t? That was a challenge. I was also told that they are purely made of cotton and spandex but a real feel was necessary for me to judge. Besides, I am not very good when it comes to fabrics. Haha

I received two pair of jeans there after and as soon as I came home with them, I tried them. And, Oh my god. That fit. It felt like my own skin. Yes that’s how perfect the fit was. And girls, they do lift your butt. Too much NSFW happening here today but trust me, everything turned out great. The feel, the fit, the lift, all of it.


Let me show you the magic through the pictures now!

Look 01: For the first one I went in with a sporty look by pairing my jeans with a rib top and converse for shoes. I also wore my customized cap from Spike Me. (All links in the end.) This is the one kind of look I can live with every day! EVERY DAY!






Look 02: I wanted a contrast in the first and the second outfit and so this time I added a hint of ethnic to it. For that I wore my jeans with this cute little top with embroidery done over it. For accessories, I went for my favourite, Krafted with Happiness. I wore their pom pom earrings in red to match the top and hung the huge mirror earring over my pocket just because it is so beautiful. It is currently my absolute favourite and I can’t count how many times I’ve worn it as an earring and otherwise. For shoes I went for pom pom kolhapuris, again from KWH. What say?








So this was it ladies! What do you think of this promising pair of jeans? I definitely fell in love and it passed my test with flying colours. They are selling on Amazon and Fipkart right now and you can check them out from the links below!


Jeans: Buckups, find them here and here only for 1950 each.

Rib top (Look 01): Forever 21

Shoes (Look 01) :Converse

Bag (Look 01): Pero (press kit)

Cap (Look 01): Spike Me, find them here.

Red top: Jabong

Earrings and Kolhapuris: Krafted with Happiness, find them here and here.

Photography credits go to one of my constants Karanvir, find more of his amazing work here.

Until next week,


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