Catch ’em cupcakes!


Did you see my YouTube video yet? Well in case you have missed out, click here and head right away as I’m also hosting a giveaway for you lovely people and all the details are with the video.

Having said that, what do you think of the new trend of food prints on clothing? I personally adore it. All those fries, candies, doughnuts and what not, makes me hungry for such clothes. I think I already have a good number of such pieces! Remember my popsicle tee? Well, in a nutshell I absolutely love this trend and surely can’t get enough of it.

So when I came across this brand called BandBox and saw their cupcake inspired top and skirt, I went bonkers. The set is one of their bestsellers and we can surely see why. Now the best part is that, they have a lot of cupcake inspired things to choose from so you can see what works for you. Plus, you all know how I love brands with small collections because I feel that less is more and all their genuine effort goes in making that small collection worthwhile  . So apart from this, they also have solid colored dresses, tops, accessories which makes it all the more happening.

I thought that pairing the top and bottom together would just be another normal thing for me and most of you might not even relate to the same, so I went with separate looks for both.

Look 01: For the first look I went in a mode of those American Disney shows that we all used to watch. I paired the cute top with a black skater skirt which I absolutely love and a pair of converse. Such looks are my favourite kinds just because how simple yet chic they are. Carried my pink back pack and mint sunglasses for a complete look.





Look 02: The second look went more on the ‘ladylike’ side. I love how the skirt is actually a midi one.  Midi skirts are my favourite at the moment. I wore it with a burgundy dress that looks like a top and similar platform shoes.






And you thought cupcakes can look over the top. See how I made them look simple and more wearable by pairing them in the most basic ways. You definitely need to check more of these beauties at, link given below.


Cupcakes top and Skirt:, find them here and here.

Skater skirt: Forever 21

Pink bagpack:

Burgundy dress, worn as a top (Look 02): Forever 21

Shoes (Look 02): Forever21

Photography credits to my best ever, Mixtape Photography. Find more of his work,

Until next time,


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