The Jodi Lookbook 03!!


Summer is here, soaring high.  In the capital it is so hard to breathe, let alone worry about what to wear. I find it so hard to wear clothes in this heat. Yes, I wish we were stone age humans and roaming around with no clothes on. Seriously though, I cannot imagine myself wearing skinny jeans or a bodycon dress in this heat. A simple cotton shirt dress, or a t-shirt and shorts does the trick for me.

But what do you do on days where you need to look a little dressed up? You obviously can’t wear bling bling in this heat. I definitely can’t. Classy day wear becomes a little difficult. This is when The Jodi Life came to my rescue. I have been in love with their collections for a long time now and there have been two Jodi Life lookbook here on blog already (Check them here and here) but I definitely wanted to show you this beautiful dress and how you can kill those summer days with a bang. Let’s see the three looks I created:

Look 01.

For the first look I went a little casual and easy. This one is not as dressy and has a more laid-back vibe to it. I wore the dress as a cape over a crop top and a pair of nautical shorts. I have loving this trend for a while now and I think people need to definitely try this once.





Look 02.

For the second one I went for a more lady-like, sophisticated look. But instead of tying the band of the dress on the front I made a knot on the back so the dress still gives a fresh vibe. Went in with a pair of yellow kitten heels and some clean sleek hairdo completed my look.




Look 03.

The last look had to be a little dramatic so I went ahead and took the band of the dress and turned it into a halter. Pulling the sleeves down a little, I gave the dress an off shoulder look. This is surely y favourite one of all.




Summer dresses as versatile as this one, can definitely save your day. Also, do tell me what you think of the story in the comments below.

And, in case you are not aware that I now make videos too, head on to my YouTube channel and take a look.


Dress: The Jodi Life, find it here

Shorts (Look 01): Thrifted

Crop top (Look 01): Made out of leggings

Shoes (Look 01): Gush Accessories

Shoes (Look 02): Stelatoes, Delhi

Shoes (Look 03):

Hope you like the post. Huge shoutout to my lovely photographer Natasha of Nutshell Productions. Find more of her, here.

Until next time,


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