My Ethnic Escapades!!

Has ethnic always been my favourite? I definitely do not think so.

I remember my mom forced me to wear a ‘churidar’ to my friend’s birthday party, yes birthday party. And how I hated her for that. With time she realized my hatred for Indian wear and stopped with the jazz. The main reason I never liked ethic was my body. I have been skinny all my life and how these Indian silhouettes looked on me, made me cringe. I would attend weddings in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I, sure, wasn’t so confident after all.

This confidence took its own sweet time to develop and after ages of having been bullied for having a certain body type, I now take pride in it. Just like everyone should. I wouldn’t claim I have the best Indian wear in my wardrobe now, (still less than 5 pieces in all), but I love to try my hand at them. I would wear sarees to college if only I knew how to drape them well.

Anyway, coming to today’s post. After a lot of requests and yearning for good ethnic pieces myself, here I am. Crazy Heart India is, as they describe themselves, ‘eccentric, experimental and unapologetic’. Their pieces are one of the best fusion wear I can see around. With beautiful co-ord sets, dresses with hoodies, and lots of pockets, Crazy Heart is here to stay. I got myself this gorgeous two toned skirt from them and oh the love we have between us! Let’s take a look on what I did with it.

Look 01.

The first look is the breath of ethnic air I was waiting to breathe. I love how the skirt is so versatile. Plus it has pockets. If you do not know about my love for pockets, you do not know me. I am actually wearing the skirt frontside-back. So the blue is on the front. Teamed it up with a black body suit, but as you can see I tucked the lower half of the bodysuit up so it looks like a cropped blouse. Junked myself up with some silver jewellery and an earring for a maang-tika and I was good to go.

IMG_8269 (2)

IMG_8254 (2)

IMG_8300 (2)

IMG_8336 (2)

IMG_8283 (2)

*Funny story: I broke my silver flats on my way to the shoot. I am just trying to pretend here that I am a cool person to not wear shoes. You can judge me now.

Look 02.

My second take on the skirt is, eccentric, experimental and unapologetic! Makes sense? Haha But yes, I love the new wave of ultra fusion wear where all you seek is comfort and style, combined to its very best. I wore the skirt with a pair of t-shirt, slit from the sides; and a mesh jacket. Mesh is so in, you need one right now! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

IMG_8379 (2)

IMG_8372 (2)

IMG_8428 (2)

IMG_8403 (2)

IMG_8424 (2)

IMG_8398 (2)

So, what do you think? Do let me know in the comments below.


Skirt: Crazy Heart India, find it here and here

Bodysuit (Blouse look 01):, find it here

Silver Necklace (Look 01): Janpath, Delhi

Slit Top (Look 02): Sarojini Nagar

Mesh Jacket (Look 02): Sarojini Nagar

Boots (Look 02): Tibetan Market, Delhi

Photography credits to this funny budding photographer Pranav Jain, find more of him here

Until next one comes,



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