From Work to Twerk!!

Do you feel the shortage of time? That you wish you had more time to do certain things but can’t because, “Oh there is no time!”. Well, I do feel that all the time. I wish I had more. With juggling between my hectic college and blog, I wish I had time to meet friends, read, paint and do other things I like. But you know what, I’ve been trying, and trying certainly works. I’ve realized that if I can take time out to do a certain things, I can do other things too. Only time management is required. Man, I need to learn that.

Having said that, do you wish that on somedays you could come home early from work, turn into the diva you are and party the heart out with your friends. My friends who work keep telling me sad stories on how they find it hard to go for a party after work because first, they get tired of coming home, changing and then going to party or dinner. Second, it wastes a lot of time to do so. If you come home from work at 8, you barely have the time to breathe, let alone change and go somewhere. Plus, in my case, if I see my bed! Yes, God forbid, if I see my bed, I cancel all plans because of the sleepy head that I am.

So today I am talking about clothes that work great for your office and look no less glamorous when you step out in them in the night. It is all about power dressing now and if done right it never disappoints. I got myself this beautiful pair of co-ord set from Stalk Buy Love because I realized how versatile it could be here.

Look 01: Kill The Work

The set, because of its clean, chic cut design, is perfect for the work space. It is sexy and powerful. Just how it  should be. Of course, you can’t wear it without a blazer at work but blazers only add more life, don’t you think? So with mine I added a white summer blazer, a pair of platform heels and some subtle makeup for office.






Look 02: Twerk? Okay.

So, I don’t want to go home and head for a dinner with my friends straight away. But come on I want to look prepared, not a tired office-ass. So what do I do? I ditch my blazer, open my hair, add on a bolder lip colour and add a pair of statement earrings to the look. Now who would say I coming straight from office!





So here it is ladies, I hope you liked the post and it helped you somewhere. I’ve realized that even if the clothes are not as sexy, a touch of lipstick and some statement jewelry always does the job. So the next time you have a party after office hours, you know what to do right?


Co-ord set: Stalk Buy Love, find it here

White blazer and heels: Vajor, find it here

Earrings: Local Market

Bag (Look 01): Orna Bliss, find it here

Bag (Look 02): Stalk Buy Love

Also, credits to my photographer, Karanvir for some great work here. Find more of his work on Instagram here

Until next time,


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