Monochrome to Technicolour!

I am rarely a monochrome person. It is not that I dislike wearing a single colour or shades of it all over, I am just rarely in the mood. In fact, the one trend I like is to push in colours on an otherwise monochromatic look. I think this is one thing everybody likes to do. Jazzing up your all black outfit with some statement accessories or colors.

A brand called PRYM, that I came across on Wooplr sent me this dress with black and white stripes. Needless to say, I knew it was very mainstream. Almost everyone has a similar dress and I had to wear it in a way where it does not bore me. Yes me, because honestly I do not bother about anybody else if I like it.

Being in a Fashion college I keep coming across the most creative people of all time. So many of my ideas are inspired from these souls I see at college everyday. SO, when I once saw a girl carrying her measuring tape around her neck, I went all like, “Damn! that looks so good.” I am not so sure if she meant to wear it or had forgotten it there after a design class, but I loved it.

I think fashion and style can be found in the simplest things around us and you don’t need to have to carry a Fendi bag for the same. Your style is who you are.

So, I ended up styling this dress with a measuring tape, mint glasses and green shoes. All I needed was some colour and it doesn’t need much doing, does it? Take a look.







So, how do you think this went? Let me know.

Credits for the photography go to my favourite ass Karanvir of Einsjordan. Do check him out. 😀

And until next time,


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