How to: RETRO!!

Have you ever wondered if you belong to this era? Or are you old school? Or just too ahead of this time?

Well, I am always confused for my belonging. Definitely not too much into the future but never sure if I like the flared pants and big sunglasses of the 70’s more, the Victorian era with ruffles and layers or the rad 90’s with chokers and mini skirts! I am always divided. More often than not, I wake up with the mood. The mood on how and what era-wise I want to dress myself up that particular day. The struggle is real my friend.

If you have been following the blog, you know what I am talking about. I cannot fit in a mould. I would hate to do that. Well, you know what mood I am in today? Something people refer to as “RETRO”! With pop colours, loud lipsticks, hair-styles like pin-up girls and everything over the top.

For the look, I revamped my age old red peplum dress. As you can see, I cut it off. The peplum. Then I proceeded with putting some SASS over it. See what I did there? Never mind. I styled the dress with a skinny scarf as a belt, and some oh-so-cool accessories from The Red Box.

Let me talk about them for a second. Yes they deserve it. You know my love for ‘different’ things. Not that ‘different’ can be perceived in a n number of ways. Anyway, The Red Box is a hub for all your accessory needs. Things you will not see anywhere. Their bags and phone covers are my absolute favourite. You need to check them out. I will put a link in the end. For not, you take a look at the pictures and these amazing products by The Red Box.

Now who says you can’t carry a supposed makeup pouch as a bag? You definitely can. The OMG necklace is so dope. I’ll stop blabbering about these accessories now. They speak for themselves. Oh and how can I forget my attempt at a pin-up hairstyle (not so much!) with this bandana I got for 10Rs.

IMG_3803 (2)

IMG_3729 (2)

IMG_3771 (2)

IMG_3722 (2)

IMG_3746 (2)

IMG_3758 (2)

IMG_3726 (2)

IMG_3806 (2)

IMG_3755 (2)


IMG_3726 (2)


Dress: Dressberry, Myntra.

Phone cover, OMG necklace, Sunglasses and Doughnut pouch: The Red Box, check them out here.

Shoes: The Gush Accessories

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments.  Of course you can tone all this down to your choice and go retro yourself.

Also, kudos to my friend Karan for such amazing photographs. You can find more of his great work here.

And until next time,




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