How T0: Wear Black for Summer!

What do you when your darn wifi goes down when you need it for things that others approve of? Well, I only call my operator and harass him with my “kya bhaiya, jaldi theek karo. Kaam atka hai!”

Anyways, glad we are finally doing this now!

Black is not a colour for summer they say. But is it true? Well, I don’t really believe that you should simply boycott  black during summers. I do realise that black traps much more heat than other colours. However, we can always work it out. Choosing lighter fabrics helps and so does the time. The evenings are not as hot and so black doesn’t seem like as bad an option.

So here I have styled my black bodycon maxi dress from Stalk Buy Love in three different ways. Let’s dig in!

Look 01: Colour Pop

The easiest way to rock black during summer is to add some colour to it. This makes the outfit much more summer-y and lively. I went for a rolled scarf around my neck and my colourful Puma sneakers.  Less is always more, right?





Look 02: Layering

People hate to layer in the heat. The key is again to choose the right fabrics. Cotton, Linen are best for such layering games or even otherwise. I chose to layer my dress with this long shirt dress that I got from a street market and cinched my waist with a belt. For shoes, I chose my all time favourites, my white Chuck Taylors!







Look 03: Bedazzle

The last way I chose was to jazz up my dress with some chunky Indian jewellery. Well quite a lot of it actually. I layered two huge necklaces and added a coin belt (actually a necklace!) and went for my ghunghru kolhapuries with the same. I also did some banjaran-inspired makeup as you can see and I honestly love doing it every now and then.






Here we go! Which one was your favourite? Do tell me in the comments below. You can also watch my videos on YouTube now, click here to watch.


Dress:, Click here.

White Converse: Koovs

White Shirt Dress: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Pink Scarf: Street Market

All jewelry in Look 03: Janpath Market, Delhi

Credits for photography to this sweet kid on the block –Pranav Jain. Find more of him here.

Until next time,


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