How to: Style a saree, part 01.

How often do we wear sarees now? Sarees seem to lost their charm in the new modernised, busy and monotonous life of ours. The place of Sarees have been taken over the pre-stitched, pre-draped sarees, saree gowns and so many other forms or more often than not, a total abandonment.

I remember my mom once told me how she used to wear a saree from as early as she turned 16. I am not saying that we should wear sarees in our everyday life, but back in their original, 6 yard form? yes please! Of course this is a very personal opinion but I would prefer a “normal” saree over the pre made ones anyday.

Us girls in India, still wait for our school and college farewell parties to be able to drape this piece of fabric around us. I am quite happy about the same. However, with all the million options available on how to drape a saree, I was still looking for something I could do. Something that brought out my personality and I wouldn’t want to take the saree off the moment I got home.

And so, I decided to style my saree, (actually my aunty’s), in four different ways. These ways are fresh and easygoing, just how we want them to be. So this week, On every alternate day, I will share with you one new way to style a saree. Are we excited?? I for sure am.

Disclaimer: I have not “draped” the saree in four ways, just “styled” it.

Look 01.

The first look is highly inspired by Anavila’s AW 16 styling at the Amazon Fashion week and also Sonam Kapoor who wore one of her sarees in the same way. See below:


Picture courtesy:

So, I decided why not. Of course I don’t have to copy. I can tone it down and change it to my preference. I went ahead by wearing an orange skirt underneath the saree. Then I draped my saree a little higher so that a good part of the skirt shows. The orange colour is also visible through the saree and creates the perfect hue.




And I absolutely loved how my ikat brogues from Banjaran looked with the outfit. They create the perfect symphony, don’t they? Honestly, I didn’t even remember that Sonam wore shoes too but I guess that’s what goes the best with this look.


Coming to the top half, I wore my bardot top as a blouse. The combination of black and white never goes wrong and this time too, we created magic. I also took the end of my saree (Pallu) and draped it around my head like a hijab. This reminds me of old 70’s Bollywood movies where wives would go spy on their cheating husbands and this is how they hid their identity. Haha. Huge sunglasses and a hijab-styled pallu! Don’t you agree?








I wanted to keep this look very earthy so there is not a single accessory used. But don’t you worry, all the other looks have something great for accessories coming up.  Wohoo!

Well, this is it for today. I am coming back on Thursday with a second reason behind this series and another contemporary look I created with the same saree!

Until then, don’t forget to tell what you have to say about this part of the series and if you’re ever going to try this!

A huge thanks and love to my photographer Anmol Singh for the pictures. Please follow more of his incredible work  here .


Saree- Borrowed

Bardot top- Sarojini Nagar

Ikat shoes: Banjaran Shoes

Until Thursday,


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