How To: Style a Saree, part 02.

Today I am supposed to be telling you the second reason why I’m doing this series right? Thank fully I have it right here, on the palm of my hands. This is because I very strongly believe in it and it is a great change that I am anticipating will take the world over, sooner or later.

Minimal statement jewelry. Yes! Yes, you read that right. Somehow by default, when we hear the word statement jewelry we instantly imagine those huge, detailed, heavy and “not-everyday” pieces we see and wear only occasionally. However this is not true. Not true to my belief at least. For me statement jewelry has to be anything that is a conversation starter, people have to turn around for a second look and simply makes a statement everywhere it goes. And of course, such statement pieces can be minimal. Today I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

A few months ago during the Amazon India Fashion Week I came across a designer Vrindaa and her label Silvense. According to her, her designs manifest freedom and individuality, which is very much visible. I love how contemporary yet grounded the collection is. It is for the modern, fierce, independent woman we have today.

With the rest of the three saree looks we are going to talk about her brand a little more and see the magic it creates. In today’s look too I’ve incorporated some of Silvense’s finest pieces but let’s talk about the look first.


So the second  look brings out the outgoing, bold and strong lady inside of you. It has that power. I love it when we mix the bold western silhouettes with our Indian earthy ones. Also, with this series I wanted to show that you don’t always need a ‘perfect’ blouse to go with your saree, mix and match always works if done correctly.



I decided to go with a long boyfriend blazer with a belt around the same. Belts and sarees are my absolute favourite. And you know what else is? Gajra. Ladies with gajra in their hair always intrigued me but I never had a chance to try one on my own. This time I did and I absolutely fell in love with the feeling. I you haven’t done it yet, it is time you do. For shoes I wore the best heels I could find, and simple strappy heels are a must have.


Now coming to the jewelry we were talking about. I chose to wear the Emerald stone drop earrings in emerald, going in sync with my blazer. And to add more glamour and color to the outfit I also wore their 5 stone necklace. Have you seen anything like it before? I honestly hadn’t. Simple is always beautiful and less always more. Here we see how. Simply love the necklace design.







And here we are done with the second take on contemporary ways to style a saree. What do you think about it? Let me know all your feedback in the comments below or on my Instagram account. Don’t forget to follow Silvence on their Instagram handle silvense_jewelry.


Saree: Borrowed.

Blazer: Forever21

Necklace and Earrings: Silvense, find them on Pernia’s here .

Heels: Stelatoes, Delhi.

This series is shot by my very talented baby brother, Anmol Singh. Please show him some love here.

There are two more looks to go and I simply can’t wait to share them with you. So stay tuned!

Until the next one,





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