How to: Style a Saree, part 03.

The third contemporary way I wore my saree.

Let me give you my third reason before we move ahead. The only couple of times I’ve ever worn a saree, I was always worried about the blouse. The blouse has to be breath taking, isn’t it? Being the size that I am, I could never even borrow from somebody else. Such a hassle!

Now? Now it doesn’t matter because now I know that a blouse doesn’t have to be a ‘typical’ saree blouse. It can anything from a crop top, a shirt, a tee-shirt to a blazer like I wore in the previous part of this series. If you haven’t checked the first two ways I styled this saree in, take a look here: Part 01 and Part 02.

So yes, today is to showing that you do not need a ‘normal’ blouse for a saree. So don’t get worked up for that impromptu function or ‘oh! The tailor ruined my blouse’ , try anything that you think may go with the saree. I chose a to wear a bardot top in my first part, a  blazer in the second and this time I am wearing a bell sleeved printed top.

Like I previously mentioned, I have worn the saree in the everyday form because honestly I do not know of any other ways (I suck at this one itself!) and I am sure most of you don’t either. So even if you don’t know all the Gujarati, Marathi styles, not to worry. I love playing around with the pallu. The way you style the end of a saree determines the whole look. For this one, I decided to go for a dupatta style pallu. So I took the end, and draped it around my neck like a dupatta or a chunni!

Trust me, I had to fight with the urge of dancing to ‘chunari chunari’ so much! Anyway, I have also used some more of my favourite minimal statement jewelry from Silvense here. I wore a maang tike, which is my absolute favourite for how simple and adorable it is. And I also wore my neckpiece (that I also wore the last time), around my waist. I think I looked gorgeous and added a whole new charm to the outfit.

Let’s take a look!












So here it is ladies, did you like this one? Also, Me and Silvense are together giving away this Maang tika that I am wearing here so join me on Instagram to participate. Handle: spill_the_sass 🙂


Saree- borrowed

Bell sleeved top: Sarojini Nagar

Jewelry: Silvense Jewelry, find them on Pernia’s here.

Heels: Stelatoes, Delhi

Until we meet again,


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