How to: Style a Saree, part 04.

Yeah I know this one took a lot of time. Why? I have been sick for the past three days straight. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t but we are here for something else! This fourth look is very close to my heart. To most of you, it will come out as funny, stupid and ‘oh-she-is-trying-too-hard’ kind. For me it is so ME. If you have followed my blog you know about my love for casual sporty looks.

So my fourth and last reason for having done this series is that sarees too can be an everyday casual thing. I know they’re hard and such a fuss but can be tried and honestly after having worn a saree this whole day for the shoot I was so comfortable in it by the end that it seemed like another piece of everyday clothing. My mother wears saree 365 days a year! No, I’m not kidding.

So before we dig in please do take a look at the three other ways I styled this saree in, here Part 01, Part 02 and  Part 03.

Alright. I wanted to look to be a big fusion. Too out-there and evident. So I decided to go with my popsicle t-shirt as my ‘blouse’ and converse in place of heels that we generally go with for a saree! Breaking rules again? Hell Yeah! I also decided to add on a mesh jacket and top it off with a cap.

The most iconic part however, has to be my palm cuff. It is such a fresh piece of jewelry and doesn’t fail to make a statement. It is again from Silvense Jewelry. Oh and me and Silvense are hosting a Giveaway contest on my Instagram. Please make sure you participate.

Let’s see what I created.











This is it. I am not sure of you guys are going to take this look but I would definitely appreciate some honest feedback.


Saree- Borrowed

Popsicle T-shirt- H&M, men’s collection.

Mesh Jacket- Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Cap: Karol Bagh, Delhi

Shoes: Converse on Koovs

Palm cuff: Silvense Jewelry, find them on Pernia’s here.

Credits of photography for this whole series go to my baby brother Anmol of Mixtape Photography. Please show him some love here.

Until we meet again,


2 thoughts on “How to: Style a Saree, part 04.

  1. I have been following you and am a big fan of your style since long now. You are one lad i look forward to when i am out of fashion inspiration now-a-days. <3<3
    You are a muse for me. Love your versatility. Xox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Nikita, saw this late but oh it made me so happy. Thank you so much for all the support and all of this girl power! I’m glad to help in anyway I can 😀


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