How to:Make work wear easy!

I didn’t go to office today. Why? I had to write a blog on easy-going work wear. See the irony? Haha. Okay, as the title already suggests we are going to talk about work wear today. I don’t do it much and the reason is that I myself do not have a lot formal clothing in my wardrobe. But I realized that it is time I do.

Most of us think that a simple jeans and shirt do fine for office. They do, but personally I feel that we should put a little more thought in what we wear to office. They say if we wear the right clothes to the right places, people take us seriously. And who wouldn’t want to be taken seriously at the work place. Power dressing speaks for itself. Clothing makes a huge difference and we all know that.

Now, you know I am a fan of versatile clothing and love it if I can wear my pieces to different places. I decided to pick up two pieces from Miss Chase clothing that are not only perfect for work but also the after work fun, if you may. Or else you can go home and eat popcorn in the same like I do. Also, if you haven’t heard about Miss Chase, what are you doing? I love the little yet strong collection they have for the ladies of all ages.  I will provide a link below so you can check too. For now, we’ll let their clothes speak.


Look 01.

For the first one I chose to go with a maroon bodycon dress. Now, fabrics are quite important for work place. We should never choose skimpy fabrics for office. The fabric for the dress is quite sturdy and makes the dress look much more professional.

I decided to dress it up with a skinny scarf around my neck. Skinny scarves are the next big thing so its time you get some too. It instantly lifts any dress up and if you’re going through the choker frenzy right now, well this is a professional choker.

For shoes I went with some simple srappys in black coordinated with my skinny scarf.








Look 02.

Most of us fear jumpsuits. Personally they have always been a favourite for me. So I though why noe give it a try and see if they can rock as formal wear too. I chose this blue one with a midi length. The only problem was the cutouts on the sides. Not to worry, a blazer was the key. Since it is too hot, I decided to carry a summer blazer in white.

To add some shape, I also went ahead with an embroidered belt around my waist and a pair of great brown shoes to go.








Both the pieces can be easily work outside of work too and that’s the best part. Let me know what you thought about this story!


Maroon dress and Blue jumpsuit: Miss Chase, find them here

Skinny scarf: Actually another dress’s belt.

Black Strappy shoes: Footin.

White Summer Blazer: Vajor

Brown shoes: Street Style Store

Photography credits: Delhi Velvet, find them here

Until next time,


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