How to : Fashion in rains!

It rained today.

I was talking to a Delhi boy a few days ago and he told me that he had, never in his life, voluntarily enjoyed the rains! What? Although, I can’t really blame him. The rain here brings much more problems with it, the traffic, the dirty puddles and extreme humidity amongst many others.

Being raised on a hill station, I have always loved the rains. Me and my bestfriend would never take our umbrellas to school. This was when we were teenagers and thought we may find the love of our life offering us an umbrella. Never happened but we enjoyed it all. The fog and chilly winds made it even more beautiful and sipping on some tea while you watch TV was the best thing ever.

As children though, our parents took great care during the rainy season because it would rain days and nights straight. We had raincoats that would stink and had a pouch space for our school bags to fit on. On top of the raincoat we had an umbrella too and gumboots were quite common. I remember sometimes the rains were so heavy that some kids would still school dripping wet and they were asked to strip so the sisters at school could iron their clothes. Too many stories to talk about.

I am sure some of you belong to places where it rains cats and dogs and some, not so much. None the less today I am going to talk about things I have learnt about fashion in the rains. It is quite important to look good even when it is pouring on your head you know. Haha. Anyway, some of the things to take care of, specially if you walk or take public transport a lot,  are:

  • Say no to solid whites or other light coloured clothes. They get transparent and dirty, thanks to the rains. Opt for brighter colors to make the gloomy rains much brighter and happier!
  • Wear appropriate shoes. If you have gum boots that’s the best thing to step out in rains with but if you don’t own one like me then you can also choose to wear some jelly sandals which are perfect for the rains. Avoid wearing any kind of expensive shoes made of fabrics like leather or suede.                                                                         Also, flip flops are a flop in the rains. They splatter mud onto the legs and clothes while we walk, so nope! Not happening.
  • Say no to heavy makeup. If you’re not travelling in a personal car or a cab and might step out, avoid too much makeup. A dab of some light weight foundation or BB cream, some water proof mascara and a matt lipstick are good to go. Eye liners or Kajal are a big no no. They may smudge from the humid weather itself.
  • Avoid wearing full bottoms. Things like jeans and palazzos should be avoided during the rains. They can easily get dirty and should be switched with some shorter bottoms like a pair of shorts!
  • Take a water proof bag: Always carry a water proof bag in the rainy season. I don’t need to give you reason for that, do I?
  • Carry an umbrella or a raincoat. No matter how much I hate doing it, I would recommend to try and carry an umbrella on such days. Precaution is always better than cure.                                                                                                                                 Raincoats can be fun so if you want to try them, that’s cool too. Get ones which come with covers so you can shove the wet raincoat in its cover as soon as you reach the destination.


These were somethings I have learnt about the rains growing up.If I missed out on something please do let me know in the comments below. Now let’s talk about today’s look.

I am suddenly reminiscing my childhood and badly wanted a transparent raincoat. Also for the reason that it looks quite rad. I have something for transparent rainy season treats, be it raincoats, umbrellas, bags or some transparent boots. So I ordered myself a cute raincoat from Amazon for around 450 Rs and I have no regrets. Such a great find.

For the dress I wore this off shoulder playsuit from Stalk Buy love which is all sorts of gorgeous.

Since I do not have gumboots I went with some jelly sandals I got from the streets last year and finished with my holographic bag which is not only pretty but also water proof. Take a look!











So this was my guide to the fashion in the rains, do tell me what you think! Share with me your own rain stories if you have any. 😀





Sandals: GK1 Market, Delhi.

Photography credits: Einsjordan


I will join you soon, until then,


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