“I have nothing to wear!”

Story of our lives.

With a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, I still find it hard sometimes to find what to wear and I know most of you go through the same thing. It has always been the same. As kids, me and my brother only received two pairs of clothes a year and we were never happy. But now, even when my wardrobe door is almost jammed, I still throw a fit at times on how I have nothing appropriate. Haha. I think that’s how it will always be. Not to forget that we still manage to dress fabulous even after all of this drama.

But, as crazy as we can get, we are never tired of new clothes. So today I am going to talk about how to get some more. Steal from your man. Now that man can be your father, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or even the men’s section of a store!

I have always been a fan of androgynous clothing. I love how comfortable and fun it can be! Since times immemorial, I have shopped from stores meant for men. The t-shirts are my favourite. We never get such rad prints on t-shirts meant for the ladies, ugh. I mean, can’t a girl enjoy some witty graphics or pictures on her chest? Sure, we can!

So today I have got you four things you can steal (or borrow or buy) from the men!

  • Jeans

Boyfriend jeans is no new concept to us anymore. Everybody has been going gaga over these lately but have you ever tried an actual boyfriend jeans? A jeans meant for a man? No? It’s time you do. I actually stole one of my brother’s and oh how I love it. The waist sure is a little loose but a belt or some little alteration can fix that in minutes.  So the next time you’re looking for one, go check somebody’s cupboard maybe. You know who! No, not Voldemort. He doesn’t do jeans.







  • T-shirt

As mentioned before I, love these loose large t-shirts. When I was in school I would always pair them with some skinny jeans. Now, I know they can be styled with so many other things. Here I wore one with a denim skirt and I absolutely love it. If he allows you, you can also do so many other things with these t-shirts. Cut them on the bottom and turn them into boxy crop tops or turn them into muscle tees? The options are endless.






  • Shirt

In how many movies have we seen a girl wearing a man’s shirt depicting the ‘they just had sex’ part! I ask, why? Can’t we wear men’s shirts otherwise? Why not? I think we definitely can. Big shirts can be too much fun to style. I did a whole post on these long ago. Click here if you want to check out.

Here I wore it with a pair of denim culottes and tied a huge knot at the bottom. Love the quirk is gives out.







  • Blazer-

A little more unconventional of a choice but if styled right, a large, man’s blazer can work wonders. If you’re open to experiments with fashion, this one is a must. I once wore this blazer as a dress, Click here to see. But this time I went ahead with power dressing. So I build it up with skinny jeans, some heels and a skinny scarf.







Here were my favourites from the men’s wardrobes and things I would definitely steal from them if they’re good. Tell me what you think about it. Have you ever done any of this before? Let me know it all in the comments below.

Photography credits: Harshita Nayyar. Do check more of her amazing work out here on To capture or not. She’s fabulous.

Until next time,




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