How To: Sympathise with Jumpsuits!

This might be the millionth time I am saying this but clothes have the power to make me feel how I want to feel. Now it may differ from people to people but there are a certain things in life that make us happier. For some it might be the weather, the sight of their partner, for me it definitely is clothes and shoes. (Oh and dogs too!).

As Sophie Kinsella rightly puts it, “I love to wear new clothes. If everyone  could just wear new clothes  everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.”

Now of course, you can’t go splurge on new clothes everyday. If you do, you have a problem my lady! (Or my man! No gender bias here.) But yes, what I wear does decide my mood for the day or my mood decides what I wear and if I get to wear what I want to, the world is a better place.

I have a very fluid sense of style. I would wake up with a bohemian mood one day, a vintage the other and androgynous the very next day. It’s funny but also fun.  Do tell me what you think about this. Does it happen to you?

Now here I am today advocating my love for jumpsuits again. I feel so sad for them. I really, really do. Just because it is little bit of a hassle to pee wearing a jumpsuit, would you totally ignore these sexy silhouettes? Don’t.

Jumpsuits make me feel the most sexy. Trust me, some might say that low cut dresses and gowns are the sexiest, not for me. I feel the boldest in a jumpsuit. The fit, the feel, and the power, everything adds up and takes up the sexy quotient. I got this one from Stalk Buy Love recently and it has me bound in its sweet magic. The jumpsuit is perfect for a dinner night and also for your office. I wore this thing the most while I was interning this summer.The boss lady feel is amazing!

The pictures will tell you more.











This is it for today ladies. Let me know if you like the jumpsuit too and sympathise with the jumpsuits on their situation.


Jumpsuit: Stalk Buy Love, find it  here!

Clutch bag: Krafted with happiness, find them here

Shoes: Local Market, Delhi

Photography credits: Karan Prakash, follow more of his unconventional work here.



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