How to: Quirky Bags!

Good bags are a luxury!

It took me about 20 years to realise how important bags could be. I always though clothes and shoes matter, but accessories and bags? Not so much. What an idiot! Good bags and accessories can take any look from rags to riches and I understand now.

In the last year I have invested more in bags than anything else. From just two bags that I would carry around everyday, I now have types of bags. Yes ‘types’! From totes, to clutches, to bagpacks and all other names I am not even aware of.

Quirky bags have been the talk of the town for quite sometime now. Don’t we all just love them? Bags shaped as so many things, from a ball to an icecream cone, from lips to a huge eye! Everything’s possible. Sometimes they also come in rad prints that will suddenly make you famous in the next party you attend.

So I thought I’ll share with you a name that has been on my list of favourites for bags, for a while now! Notice Me by Komal Jain. Trust me, you do need to notice this label. Komal makes bags that make you weak in the knees and your jaw drop! You know what the best part is? She customises. I sent her an image of a lip bag from Pinterest and believe you me, she sent me exactly the same bag. I would say, even better. She also makes tons of other things, from jewelry to cushion covers. You definitely need to keep a tab on her label. All her details will be mentioned in the end.

Now, I got two bags from her.

First one was this little fox face bag which is the most adorable thing. The key to carrying bags like these is to keep the outfit simple unless you want to be loud (which I definitely would give brownie points to). I went with an off shoulder top that I made out of a shirt and a maxi skirt from Stalk Buy Love.







The second one was the lip bag. I styled this one with a black dress from SBL again and jazzed it up a little with earring from the same label and colourful sneakers by Puma.






So you still think you can do without a quirky bag in your closet?


Skirt: StalkBuyLove

Black dress: StalkBuyLove

Off shoulder top: Made from an old shirt

Bags: Notice Me By Komal Jain, find more here.

Photography by: Karanvir Bajwa of Einsjordan. Find him here.


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