Some rendezvous at the Vogue Wedding Show!

When I recently got an invite to the Vogue wedding Show, I was pumped. I would’ve jumped from my chair if I was not in a class full of students then. One place and all my favourite designers put together? Who would miss that! (I actually did miss it last year. Haha.)

Anyway I would definitely thank Divya, Reema and the whole Perfect Relations team for arranging everything for me. I have been in the industry for only about an year now and so a lot of things are still new to me and I get excited even for the smallest things. You can’t imagine my level of excitement here, especially when I was told that I will have a one on one session with most of the designers. WOW.

The day came and I dressed up in this choli I recently got from Janpath and a pair of high waist formal pants. I wanted to go for a fusion look, as you can well see. Anita Dongre loved it, so you know!


The show was happening at the Taj Palace Hotel and it was my first time at the Hotel too. I am not so fancy as a person you know. Fancy things stress me. As beautiful as the place already is, it was decorated with some great paper art and flowers, real flowers yes! The ambience was amazing.

IMG_0799 (2)

The show was happening in two big rooms. All the designers had their own stalls. Well, very very fancy ones I’d say. The way each was decorated and done, was beautiful. The collection was there to charm you, of course. But, there were so many other elements present to compliment the whole theme and it was all beyond beautiful. Don’t ask me which one I liked the most because, I honestly can’t decide.

After having being mesmerised by the sheer presence of every single thing in this place, it was time for the interactions. I was really nervous. Was I about to shit in my pants? Maybe.

The first ones I met were, Shane and Falguni. I absolutely love their work for how contemporary and easy going it is.


Their inspiration behind the collection: A fench lady who marries a German. So a lot of elements in the collection were from the same fused with Indian elements too.

Three wardrobe staples (Falguni)– A white shirt, A Falguni and Shane Peacock outfit and A Falguni and Shane Peacock wedding gown.

Which designer’s wedding gown would she go for: Zhair Murad or Reem Acra or Vera Wang.

If she had to wear one piece all life: Jeans.


Second I met the man of the hour, Sabyasanchi Mukherjee. As thrilled as I was to meet him, I did ask him some fun questions.

His  inspiration behind the collection: The inspiration comes from Shawls of Kashmir, from Persia, Iran and Afghanistan.

One wardrobe staple for a guy and a girl: For a guy, a crisp white shirt. For a girl, a woven saree from India.

If he had to wear one thing all his life: A T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

The era he belongs to: (Before I even finished my question!) 1920s.


Next I had a chance to meet Anita Dongre whose bridal wear is the new rage. People flooded her store like crazy, but I still managed to get some scoop!

Her inspiration behind the collection: A Mughal garden.

If she were to get married right then, whose lehenga would she wear: “My own”.

Has she ever secretly worn her own lehenga ?: Sadly not. She would love to but has no time. The girls in her office wear them all the time. I think I know where I want to work next!

Cat person or a dog person: Dog. She has one called Diego.


Since Tarun Tahiliani was running busy, he was kind enough to answer my question over email.

His inspiration behind the collection: Called ‘The Last song of the Courtesan”, it is inspired by the highest bastions of culture, poetry, dance and finesse.

Three wardrobe staples for a woman: A saree, a draped dress and a gilet.

If he had to wear one piece all his life: A black t-shirt.

If he were a woman, whose lehenga would he wear: Noor Jahan’s vintage lehengas.


These were my very interesting rendezvous with these incredible designers. I hope you had fun reading all about it. Here are a few more pictures clicked by my photographer for the day, Anmol of Mixtape Photography. Enjoy.






IMG_0780 (2)

IMG_0803 (2)









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