70s vs 90s!

Time as a concept has always intrigued me. It is the most complex and yet the simplest. Have you ever felt that you do not belong to this time period? That you wish you were born in some other time? Now of course, there were a lot of hardships back then but therecan be a lot of reasons for this longing too. It can be fashion, art, politics, romance, anything.

I have no particular style statement really. If I am the edgy punk girl today I can be bohemian one the next and a boss lady the other. However, I constantly find myself torn between two eras the most. The 70s and the 90s. They are the most appealing to me and I couldn’t be happier for the fact that they are both also one of the most trending ones right now.

So I decided to go for two looks from both the time periods and let you decide which one you like better! This one is in collaboration with a store called Alter Ego India. Now, from the time I stumbled across them over Instagram, there has been no looking back. They make me fall for them every single day with the trendiest pieces in town. The brick and mortar stores are present in Jaipur and Indore (Oh those lucky asses who live there!) but they also do sell online. Yayy! I will attach all the descriptions in the end so you can go kick yourself for why you didn’t come across them earlier.


The 70s were actually regarded as the “anti-fashion” era and was criticized because it was full of all kinds of trends, the bohemian, hippie, ethnic, retro, classic, disco, safari and what not. It is in fact the most diverse of them all.

The look here is inspired by a girl who is lively and chirpy. She can’t stop once she starts talking. She loves to read and occasionally finds herself writing a line or two. She listens to records her mother gave her from when she was young. Picnics are her favourite. She holds special love for animals and dreams of far off things.











I was born in the 90s but being a kid I never really got to be a part of that fashion. The trends was loud, bold and free. It was the era of the crops, minis, metallics, overalls etc etc.

This look is inspired  by a girl who lives by herself and doesn’t believe in the concept of rules. She does everything with her heart into it. Dogs are her favourite and she enjoys walks. She may come out as loud and eccentric but is actually the  most shy person you will find in the room. She is one determined soul and her confidence knows no bounds.


IMG_5723 (2)








Dress and cropped t-shirt : Alter Ego India, find them here:Instagram and Facebook.

Lace up heels and hot pink shoes: Alter Ego, find them here: Instagram and Facebook.

Distressed jeans (Look 2): Sarojini Nagar Market. Delhi



Photography by Karanvir Bajwa of Einsjordan. Do check out more of his absolutely wonderful work.

Hope you had fun reading all about my favourite eras. Which one do you belong to? DO let me know in the comments below.


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