Power play with Summation.

Slamming patriarchy right in the face.



For every time we’ve been looked down upon for being a girl, treated as weak for who we are, shown pity for  our existence, we’ve only come above stronger. No matter how fancy and elegant the previous years in history may look, the condition of women has been a sad topic.

I feel lucky to be born in this era, being aware of my rights and capabilities and not forgetting that there is still tons that has to be done for women, around the world.  I’ve been a firm believer in girl power and that only women can help women. I hate to see when girls get jealous of each other and nothing like a ‘sister code’ exists.  I do not want this to look like a rant but I would request all girls to support each other in their endeavours and they will see what a better place the world could be.

Anyway, not dragging the lecture anymore let me talk about Summation. I came across the brand over Instagram and for the love for fresh things I couldn’t help but reach out to them. These guys are definitely making a difference with their fresh designs and combinations. When the time came to choose, I went for a classy power suit in blue. The design and cut speaks for itself and I simply love the little (actually big) slits on the sides of the pants.

When it came to styling part I wanted to go for a very classy yet bold look. I wanted to look as powerful and fierce as the suit made me feel. So, I opted for hair gelled back, some dark red lips, a sexy bodysuit and red suede shoes. Could it be any better? It couldn’t. Clothes like these make you feel like life is easy and all things will come to you, that you’re strong enough to face it all and fight it all. You know what I mean?  The pictures might help.

14088620_10206727634020785_3027574431692594356_n (1)

14141677_10206727636700852_6534503178557015109_n (1)




There is so much more to Summation as a brand. Go ahead and look at more of what they have to offer on wearesummation.com


Power suit: Summation Womenswear, wearesummation.com

Bodysuit: Stalk Buy Love, stalkbuylove.com

Shoes: Street Style Store, streetstylestore.com

Photography : Anmol Singh, Mixtape Photography



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