Happy Socks!!

Socks are my best friend.


There’s nothing that has fascinated me more, all my life, it only has to be socks. No matter what trends have come in or gone out, socks have always been really close to my heart. I hoard socks like a crazy maniac and I literally   have gone on shopping sprees just for socks.

Do I sound crazy? Or are you a partner in my crime?

Happy socks is an international brand that has been selling all over India for some time now. And oh the designs, they’re crazy. With the cutest patterns, they’re definitely one of the most sought after brand for the same.  Also, quiet reasonable for that stature.

When I decided to collaborated for a socks brand, I knew I had to take it up a notch. It couldn’t be a simple, ‘see-how-I-wear-my-socks’ drama. So I decided to go for a concept shoot for this one. I went ahead with a very contrasting makeup and look. There were tons of colours but it had a goth touch to it. While shooting, I told my photographer, “Doesn’t this look like the story of a girl who lives with her toys and experiments with her clothes?” and the very second I said that, I realised it was ME. This was exactly who I am. I have no idea if it is a sad or happy story, but its mine.











Here was my story and my obsession with socks. What do you think of it?


Shirt: Wolverine, USA

Mesh skirt: Self-made

Socks: Happy Socks, www.happysocks.in.

Photography and edits by Aditya of Adityaries . Do check him out, he’s amazing.


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