How to: Backpacks and ‘feminine’ clothing.

Backpacks do not go with feminine clothes.


Is that really so? Well may be it is only my undying love for backpacks that I refuse to believe that.

When it comes to back packs, I have seen all kinds of girls. Ones who, if possible, would carry a back pack along all the time. (ME!) Ones who would not even buy one, because “What? A backpack? Do I live on the streets?” Trust me I have seen those and even know a few. Shhhh!

And ones, who think back packs are only for occasions. Not occasions like parties, but for example, when I need to carry a lot of things, or when I want to go for androgynous styling. But when I want to look ‘girly’? NO.

Now I see no problem in any of these. Trust me. They’re all personal opinions and I respect that. I am in fact, glad that back packs have been all out everywhere for quite sometime now. No one seems to be getting enough of them. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures. Too much to handle.

With this story and the pictures to follow, I want to urge you girls to try a back pack even when you’re going out in your ‘oh-so-feminine’ clothes! Just once, okay?








Featuring backpack from the new and uber cool (as the name already suggests) Stuff Cool and their Perse range. Now these guys are really good at what they do, which includes not just backpacks which are unisexual btw (Well you can see what a beauty this one is!), but also really fresh phone covers, powerbanks and laptop bags amongst other things! You can check them out at


Top (actually a dress): H&M, Japan.

Skirt: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

Boots: Tibetan Market, Delhi.

Backpack: Stuff Cool, find them at

Photography by my constant, Anmol Singh of mixtape_photography.


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