Runaway Bride.

I am a strong, independent woman.


Runaway bride.

I thought I’d make you understand what I mean by that. No, definitely not talking about a bride that runs away on the day of her wedding. How exciting would that be though? Oh god.

I’ll explain this through my own story and we’ll see if you can relate. I am 24. My mother got married when she was 16. As a child I did dream of a perfect wedding, like everybody else. Now? Not so much.

My parents have been really supportive of me trying to build a career. But that doesn’t mean that every now and then they try to slip in the ‘Should we start looking for boy?’ question. They say it takes time and I know it does. I’ve been here 24 years and I couldn’t find someone. Do I want to? I am not sure.I freak out at the question and start screaming even when there’s no pressure. The word ‘shadi’ (wedding) is enough to make me go crazy.

The point is. I definitely want a wedding. But I run away, from the concept of it. The concept, made by the society I do not care about at all. I want to get married. Yes. But when? I have no answer to that.

My story matters to me. I want to do everything that I have wanted to do all my life and wedding, it comes quite late on my list. Am I wrong if I feel so? Am I wrong if I say that all the people who didn’t get married, now make more sense to me than those who did? The girls who society called ‘the leftovers’ were actually those who took over, their life. Isn’t that so?










Param Banana and his label, Param Sahib Clothing are for the same women. Women who want to break away and run away from all the laid down rules. Women whose dreams are bigger than anything and everything else. His designs speak of a thousand stories and stories written oh-so-beautifully. The lehenga I am wearing is a perfect example of how he his breaking the rules himself. Mainstream embroidered, heavy piece of weight for lehenga? Nope. Not that at all. This is for women who like to have some fun.


Lehenga (skirt): Param Sahib Clothing, find it here and here.

Top: Zara

Bag: Bags by Anqi, find them here.

Shoes: Stelatoes, DIYed in white.

Photography by Karanvir of Einsjordan Photography.



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