How to: Quirky shirts!

In case you have followed my blog for sometime, you must have come across ways I style different things in. I love it and that basically was why I started the blog in the first place.

Shirts are my favourite when it comes to these styling extravaganzas. I have already done some stories on styling a shirt. In case you missed, here you go MY TRYST WITH A BOYFRIEND SHIRT!ONE SHIRT FIVE WAYS; REVISITED!!.

But recently I came across a view that people felt that these styling experiments can only be done with basic, plain, and in other words, boring shirts. Today, we are proving that wrong.

Let me talk about this shirt first, because I am in love. The last story was in collaboration with my boi Param Banana and his label. This shirt is one of his creations too and I do not seem to get over it. Can you blame me? I haven’t seen a quirkier shirt in the longest time and my love for Cocacola makes me want to marry this shirt. Now isn’t that something?

So, in order to show the versatality of a printed quirky shirt like this one, I styled it in three ways. Wouldn’t waste your time making you read about it, let’s go straight to the pictures!

Look 01.





Look 02:





Look 03:





Here we go! Do tell me which one your favourite is.

Also, do not miss my new backpack in the first look. It says SASS. Can you believe it? How rad is that? Bags by Anqi have tons of beautiful bags and I am pretty sure you know about them already. The best part is, they customize. Awesome right? Check them out on


Shirt: Param Sahib Clothing, find them here.

Bag (Look 01.): Bags by Anqi, find them here.

Skirt (Look 02) and flared jeans (Look 03): Stalk Buy Love

Photography by my love Karanvir. Find more of his work here at Einsjordan.





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