How to: Layer for fall.

I have started feeling chilly in my class room’s AC and my night walks on the terrace. This is a sign. Winter is coming. (That’s most from Game of Thrones that I know of!) In my hometown on the other hand, winter is blooming quite swiftly and my father does not leave the house without a jacket.

So for north India, the good times are here. And even though you may judge me for a fact that I like summer better, I don’t mind dressing up for winters too! Specially right now, when you don’t have to layer tons of garments, not here in the capital at least. Hence, here is my guide to light layering which I am quite implementing these days!

I decided to do it with one single dress (Surprise!). This beautiful, perfect-for-the-fall dress is from a brand called Lurap. Why I decided to collaborate with Lurap was for the sole reason that they believe in the ‘fit’. Giving a customer the best fit possible is their first priority and they give you a custom fit or you can even choose from their standard sizes of 2XS -7XL. Can you beat that? All the details about them are provided in the end.


Look 01:

For the first look I decided to go with the jacket of the year, a bomber. So I chose a powder blue bomber to go with my dress. I am finding myself in love with monochromes lately. The jacket is a great cover up and since it’s not like the regular big ones, it is perfect for this weather.






Look 02:

For the second look, I wanted to go in a little deeper in the layering game so I went ahead with a light coat that I recently bought from Sarojini Nagar. I build it up with a pair of socks and studded boots. If you notice, I played around with the collar of the dress too. Funny how little things can make such a great difference right?





Look 03:

The last look is a more experimental one. Well that’s what is served on Spill The Sass right? I did a similar post last year where I said, “If you can layer your tops, you can definitely layer your bottoms!” As funny as it may sound, I love doing it. So I wore a suede maroon skirt on top of my dress. I love the pop of colour it gives. Tumblr fall goals much?







So here we go! I would love to know which one your favourite look is.


Dress: Lurap, Find them on

Bomber jacket (Look 01): Stalk Buy Love

White shoes (Look 01) : Aeropostale

Bag (Look 01): Swarang Designs

Coat (Look 02): Sarojini Nagar

Boots (Look 02): Tibetan Market, Delhi

Suede skirt (Look 03): Stalk Buy Love

Shoes (Look 03): Alterego India


Photography by my man Karanvir, please do check him out and his beautiful work on Einsjordan.




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