A good lehenga!

I have never owned a lehenga in my life.

Those who know me know what a big tomboy life I’ve lived so for me weddings were the same as normal days. A jeans and a good shirt would do the trick. Of course now the world has changed and I love the sight of a good lehenga (Indian skirt). Unlike most people, I also think that lehengas are quite versatile and no they are not a one-time thing anymore. It can definitely be worn multiple times and in multiple ways.

The period of never ending  weddings is upon us and so I am going to keep coming with options you can make use of at this crucial time! This is just a beginning.

Brand in focus: Intish by Chintya

I came across Intish over a Facebook portal and I knew they were doing something different. Their designs are simple but detail oriented. If you love good subtle details, you are going to love them. And I know the level of customisation we look for when we want something as extensive as a lehenga, they provide it all.

I am still swooning over this mustard and green  one I picked from their collection. Have a look!










Lehenga: Intish by Chintya, find them here.

Jewelry: Street market, Jaipur

Shoes: Brand Preet Kaur, find them here.

Photography by my constant, Karanvir of Einsjordan. Do check him out!



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