I wore a hijab.

Hijab, a mere word seems to create a bigger stir in our lives than do nuclear weapons.

Disclaimer: I am only speaking of my own opinion here with no intention to hurt anybody’s feeling in any form.

I am sitting in India, a country that is culturally diversified and apparently much more tolerant than many others. The situation of people who wear hijabs or for that matter, a turban, has been quite clear lately. There have been a number of bans, protests, laws against the use of hijabs and I seem to not understand the reason why. It doesn’t make sense to me! We call them conservative, but with this ideology aren’t we the conservative ones?

I have always been someone who believes that who I am and what I do with my life is ultimately my own, my very own choice.  So wearing the hijab or not wearing the hijab, how can it be somebody else’s choice?

I read an article citing 7 lies about  hijabi women and loved it. They are:

  • All hijab wearing women are religiously conservative.
  • All hijab wearing women are quite and traditional.
  • The choice to wear a hijab is a man’s decision.
  • The hijab prevents muslim women from participating in sports.
  • Women who wear hijabs can’t be stylish.
  • Women who wear hijabs can’t be feminists.
  • Women who wear hijabs are voiceless.

(Source: https://mic.com/articles/91761/7-lies-we-need-to-stop-telling-about-muslim-women-wearing-headscarves#.JhviPKQBR)

Of course, hijab or no hijab that is ultimately the women’s choice. Whether I wear a bikini to the beach or cover myself up, that is my choice. I only wonder how a hijab, worn by someone else can hurt your feelings!

Why I wrote this article was because I have been constantly seeing women in hijab doing things they “should not” be doing and I thought of how lame we are to think that hijabs make us look conservative. I see fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, sports personalities, singers, illustrators, filling up my Instagram explore feed everyday. More power and love to those women. May you never cease to fill up my feed for the right reasons.

In fact, I find hijabs quite flattering and wanted to try one myself. Now, don’t you judge me on how well I did it, because let’s be honest, I haven’t seen a worse hijab than this. The point is how much I loved it. I enjoyed my hour of practice and the whole feeling of wearing a hijab has been wonderful. Of course, this is a much more modern version of the same.







“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them”

Photography by: Einsjordan.

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