Inside the woods.

I have lived in the hills all my life. As kids we would go and collect firewood, for fun. Spending a day in the jungle was an adventure. The sweet parents had no idea about it and the constant fear of leopards and tigers who we had heard about in stories would make us crawl at every unfamiliar sound. The wild flowers and the large trees that gave no sight of the sky, was all a charm. The dogs would be your jungle companions and monkeys would scare you to death. Some times when I think of it, life in the hills is indeed one of the best.

Why am I talking about this jungle crap you ask? Oh well. Nostalgia. Do you ever come across a piece of garment or an outfit that brings you tons of memories? Like if I see a woman wearing a long Kashmiri shawl I instantly think of my mother and our days in the snow. I am sure you understand what I mean to say here.

So when I was going through the lookbook of Ka Sha Khan label, this red dress stuck with me. Not that I would wear such clothes as a kid, well my mother at least didn’t dress me up that way. The dress however, does remind me of a girl looking around in the jungle, juggling with her thoughts, struggling with her songs and running with the dogs! I am that girl.

Now let me come back to reality and talk some sense. Ka Sha Khan by Karishma Shahani Khan (See what she did there?) is a label that has been catching my eye for all the right reasons. Her designs are a sight you rarely come across. The way their garments are styled, mostly layered is beautiful and beyond compare. And if you’re thinking that it makes no sense of me wearing a dress when winter chills are forcing me to wear pyjamas instead of knickers, you’re wrong. Her Autumn/Winter collection is not only beautiful but also apt. The dress has been lined so well on the inside that it makes for the perfect go-to dress for your winter evenings. Don’t you want to feel like the jungle girl? I am sure you do.

The pictures are based on the same story. Take a look!








I hope you liked this story and can’t wait and visit the woods yourself. But before you do that don’t forget to check out Ka Sha Khan and her collection on the link below.


Ruffle Dress: Ka Sha Khan, find it here!

Boots: Tibetan Market, Delhi


Photography by my constant Karanavir Bajwa. You can check more of him on Einsjordan.


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