The Great Escapade

I think it was about a month or two ago, Faizan posted on Facebook if someone had any ideas for a shoot they wanted to do. Without taking a single minute, I dropped in his inbox, an idea I had hovering over my head for a long, long time. Faizan was right in!

The story was mine. I wanted to portray a girl who lives in a big city and after years of struggling, falling down, bruises, even injuries, she finally feels like a part of it. Living alone was a nightmare in the beginning but now it seems like an escape. It actually is a beautiful escape.

We both reached Paharganj a little too early. So while we waited for the sun to go down and the fancy lights shine, we talked about things. Over pancakes and masala chai (the rarest of combinations), we shared the most stupid and funny stories of our initial failures in the city.

That’s when I realised, the story wasn’t just mine. It was Faizan’s too. And it is yours, if in life you too have overcome any fear, any inhibition or any insecurity. I am sure you have. Think about it and pat your back because sometimes in life all we need is some self-appreciation.

So to all the demons you faced alone and came out shining. Here, through pictures, is my story. Here is your story!











A very special thanks to Faizan for working with me on this and making it all possible, just like we had envisioned it together! He also came up with the great title.

You can check out more of his beautiful work here and here!


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