Evening Dress For The Day? What? Yes.

Winters have turned me into Miss. Sleepy Sleeperson and the thought of getting out of bed stabs me like a sharp knife every morning. But do you know how I deal with the sadness? By dressing up. If you wear good clothes  you definitely feel more pumped up and elevated. So, this winter make sure you dress well.

Now, I used to work as an emcee for a while (3 years actually!) back when I was in college and I have a number of evening dresses just lying in a corner of my closet. I just failed to understand what to do with them until recently when I realized that an evening dress can be your perfect day outfit too, if paired right of course!

So I took out this beautiful emerald green satin dress with a plunging neck line and decided to get out in the winter sun. Satin is quite in as it is! What I basically did was to dress it all down by making it look more casual and easy. For that I covered the dress up with a vintage oversized denim shirt and ditching those heels for a pair of white converse. Not to miss the little details like the frilled school girl socks and the cute round bag!










Now you know what to do with those sexy dresses gathering dust in your wardrobe or the ones you’ve worn way too many times  for parties (Yeah, people have named you after that dress!) but just can’t let go off!


Satin evening dress: Thrifted

Vintage Denim Shirt: Received as a gift.

Shoes: Converse, Jabong.com

Bag: StalkBuyLove.com

Ruffle socks: Local store


Photogrpahy: Karan Prakash. Find him here.



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