Catching The Last Metro

How often do you find yourself people who believe in you and support you in all ways they can? Not very often, right? So when I met this fool, Karanvir Singh Bajwa or, as you guys might know him, Einsjordan, a year ago I had no idea we would come this far. So I wanted to dedicate this one story just for this sweet little child I have in my life.

We are each other’s sidekicks when comes to trying effed up things, this man is always up for any crazy shit that I wanna do. So as weird as I could get, I came across some photos on Pinterest, shot in the subway and I knew I wanted to do it too. It is not allowed to shoot in the metro here in the capital and I do not own lakhs to actually afford a legit shoot there. So what do we do? Other photographers might have denied because if you do this you’re running a big risk of getting your camera confiscated and OMG, that’s the end of life as we know it. But this guy, right here, Einsjordan, was jumping on the idea.

I decided to put pf a mix of contrasting elements viz. florals + band tee + trainers, in my outfit and finished the look with a very 90’s, over-sized denim jacket.

We decided to start late and catch the last metro so that the metro is relatively empty but to our surprise it was anything but empty. And we decided to go for it. Here are the final pictures so you can be a part of our adventure, just one of many!












Until next time,


12 thoughts on “Catching The Last Metro

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really like the photos Dolly…waiting for your new blog. Btw I want you to start writing again. I’m a biggg fan of your videos and now I’m fan of you writings also…lots of love. If you got time then check out my first ever blog.


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