How To: Dress Over Pants

Dress over pants is quite debatable. I remember I would question why people couldn’t just wear the efffin dress. Guess what, I was a judgemental prick and I have no qualms in accepting that. Now I know what other people choose to do is none of my business. Anyway, thanks to being more aware and understanding not only the new trend of people wearing pants under their dresses, but also the need that sometimes, thanks to a lot of other reasons, you need to wear pants and of course, you still want to buy that pretty dress, right? I know because I come from a place like that.

Dress over pants is definitely a risky affair. But there still might be a reason why you may want to try it. One of the following?

  1. You want to be updated with latest trends ’cause I mean, how could you not!
  2. You have way too many clothes.
  3. You are a layering pro.
  4. Your mom gives professional lectures on how women’s legs are sacred and are supposed to kept under covers.
  5. Your you have a dirty neighbour.

So I decided to give it a try because I do have a dirty neighbour. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind-

  1. Midi dresses work the best.
  2. Honestly, just think of your dresses as long tops.
  3. Keep it minimal, going overboard might not work.
  4. Do whatever the fu*k you want. Trust me!

I tried two looks. Look one had me wearing a white midi and a pair of jeans fringed at the hem. I chose to pair of with white slip-ons and white bag to complement the white dress and a half bun for the hair. I felt like an off-duty Japanese warrior.





Second look was kept more playful with another midi that I decided to knot at the front to give a cinched waist look. A pair of loose fitted jeans and Adidas did just the right job of giving the outfit a hint of sporty!






So, are you going to try this sometime? Do tell me!

Outfit details

White dress: Gift

Fringed jeans: Tokyo Talkies, Myntra. (fringed by self)

White slip-ons:

White bag:

Purple dress: Janpath Market, Delhi

Jeans: Tibetan Market, Nainital

White Shoes: Adidas

Gold rope bag: Actually a planter

Photography credits- Einsjordan

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “How To: Dress Over Pants

    • Haha thank you Shayantani. But trust me, I am sure you’re just feeling weird not looking.Why don’t you send me pictures of you on Instagram and maybe I could help? I’d love that


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