Colour is Summer’s favourite child. While winters witness a lot of greys, and believe me, happy greys; summers welcome the yellows and the oranges. Yes, the fruits too. I personally like wearing colour all year round. And I am sure there are many of you who do the same. So, unless you absolutely hate colour (is that even possible? You little child of Satan!), you might like this story.

So, let me get this straight. I hate colour-blocking. Never tried it, never will. The reason only has to be my choice of aesthetics. So today we are talking about my kind of usage of colour; POP. Somewhere between monotones and a single colour pop, I found my calling. Here you pick up colours from the same family and put them together. But there are neutral blocks in the outfit that prevent your outfit from becoming a monotone look (Which btw, I absolutely also love!).

The first look comes from the family of reds. I decided to go for a pink+red, a combination most people believe do not work. As you will see, it certainly does. So, getting inspired from my stack of lipsticks, I picked up a pink full-sleeved, barbie-esque top, a pair of straight jeans and red mules with pink socks. Later I finished the look with a pink cap (duh!) and a bag in colours, *drum roll* pink and red!








Movin’ on, I created a second look which is full of colours but not the in-your-face kind of colour. I like working with solid coloured garments rather than garments that have a mix of everything all together, unless its a rainbow. Haha! I picked up this voilet shirt from my bestfriend’s closet and wore it with white shorts. I had recently seen Kendall Jenner with a part of her shirt out from under her shorts and I thought, how stupid of me to have never thought of it before! So, in the most elegant fashion, I pulled the ends of my shirt down. As soon as I changed and came out, I told Abhishek, the photographer, how I I had intentionally done it so he doesn’t tell me that my shirt was hanging from beneath my shorts thinking it was a fashion blunder. So you see, quite a smooth trend! Anyway, I moved on to wearing two different socks but with the same base colour and carry a white bad with my white slip-ons. Not to forget, those kickass glasses that brought it all together!








Outfit Details

Pink top (look 1): Sarojini Nagar

Pink cap (look 1): Adidas

Jeans (look 1): Stalk Buy Love

Red Mules (look 1): Street Style Store

Lips bag (look 1): Notice Me by Komal

Purple Shirt (look 2): Borrowed

Shorts (look 2): Thrifted

Slip-ons (look 2): Koovs

Transparent glasses (look 2): Forever21

White bag (look 2): Stalk Buy Love

All pictures and edits by this powerhouse of talent, Babu Abhishek. Check him out (and his work) !!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know of your views and suggestions.


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