One Track Pants, Three Different Looks

The sudden and surprising take over by track pants  in the world of fashion, took me a little time to take in. Personally I would always hate people who would show up to college in their rugged pyjamas and this trend only looked like an upgrade to that. But thanks to my girls Selena, Kendall and back home, Deepika Padukone, I realised how wrong I have been. Track pants on an everyday basis may sound absurd, it is all the more wonderful. For many of you who do not know, I have been interning with this website called Recently, after shooting this story, I wrote an article for the website called *’13 Reasons Why’ Track Pants Should Be Your Everyday Pants*, now if you get the connection in the title, you MUST go ahead and read it before you delve further here!

Now believe you me, these are not your regular, basic-ass track pants. These are high-fashion, only fitting a fancy ass kinda track pants. These will not only make you look like you love to work out (Even if it’s only in your wild imagination!), but also that you know and work fashion like no other.

If you are lazy and a single click would hurt your sweet little thumb, I am listing the 13 reasons here, as said by the track pant itself. Although still hoping you would go read the full thing there, for its bigger and better (And way funnier!).

Reason #1. I am comfortable.

Reason #2. I have elastic waists.

Reason #3. I let your legs breathe.

Reason #4. I let you bend. 

Reason #5. Go on a run.

Reason #6. Pretend like you went to the gym.

Reason #7. Sit up on a chair.

Reason #8. Eat like a pig.

Reason #9. I got pockets.

Reason #10. I am the sign of a sorted life.

Reason #11. Sports Luxe is your way of life.

Reason #12. Deepika chose me. So did Kendall and Gigi. #JustSaying.

Reason #13. 90’s are back, bi*ches.

So I took a pair of track pants and to make my life worthwhile, wore it in three different ways!

Look #1.

If you thought going feminine with a pair of track pants is not an easy job, how mistaken do you feel now? I wore my little white bardot top with the pants, a pair of popping red mules and side swept hair to add some femininity I don’t really own.


Bardot top: Sarojini Nagar



Track Pants: Appycat Street


Mules: Street Style Store

Look #2

If your work-space gives you even an inch of liberty in aspect to your clothes, you MUST try this rachet look. The pants with an office-exclusive white button down shirt, clear glasses that are not even needed, white Gucci-like slip-ons, a sleek ponytail and a small bag which can barely hold your lipsticks, will surely make you crack the next big meeting. I promise (not!).







Look #3

Let your internal gangsta out with this one. Put the pants together, with a bralette that can barely hold your twins, a huge denim jacket to make up for the small bralette, and cheap pair of Nike-lookalike sneakers. Also, don’t forget to throw some shade with those yellow tinted glasses and pose like Eminem. Rapping alongside is optional.


Bralette: H&M


Denim Jacket: Zara






Sunglasses: Thrifted

All photographs by homie Aditya Saxena of Adityaries. Do check him out.

Until next time,


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