One Cropped Pants, Three Different Ways.

I love playing around with fashion and the one thing that makes me look forward to mornings is dressing up. Sounds shallow? Well maybe. But, as long as it makes me happy, I do not care. For the longest time, just like the other fashion girls I kept chanting ‘I DO NOT FOLLOW TRENDS’, like if I did, it would be sin. Of course, trying out something that is currently not in trend will never be an issue for me. The problem is, I actually love everything that’s in fashion right now. And to think about it, what isn’t? The ’70s? Yes. The ’90s? Yes. The future? Hell, yes. And the serious FOMO issues I have in life, I doubt that not trying a new trend will only choke me to death. How can I judge it unless I try? (Not high-low hems though. Never tried those, never will!)

Anyway, coming back to the point of the story, I am talking about my favourite pair of pants currently, *drum roll* (as if you haven’t read the title already) – cropped pants.
I already owned one and the good people at Bhane sent me this second two-toned, fringed-and-uneven-at-the-hem pair to try out. Love at first try? Uh-huh. So after having worn it a couple of times already I decided to show you three different ways you could style these bad boys!

#Look 01
I kept this outfit as minimal as I could. A basic camisole top and a pair of strappy flats was just enough. To add a little drama, I picked up this floral bag on my way out!


Pants:Β Bhane


Bag: Anqi

IMG_9030 (1)

Flats: Koovs


#Look 02
Will the real Avril Lavigne please stand up? This outfit reminds me of the singer so much. I had fun with a cropped tee and converse, and I also stole my bestfriend’s backpack for the picture!


T-shirt: Thrifted, cropped by self



#Look 03
I love doing faux-vacation outfits because even if you aren’t going for one, you can always dress up like it, right? No? Oh. Anyway, I still went ahead and wore this bow-bandeau top made out of a scarf with a denim jacket to cover myself at the sight of creepy uncles. Also, not to forget the handmade bag matching my handmade earrings (both, a products of the same pair of pants!), and the white slip-ons that I literally wear everyday.






So what do you think? Do let me know in the comments!

Until then,


6 thoughts on “One Cropped Pants, Three Different Ways.

  1. sassyjesi says:

    Firstly, I am so glad there’s someone like me who loves dressing up every single morning, and the thing about the trends is so true! I just loved the pants, specially the fact that they are two toned. Also, I too am someone who loves experimenting with holiday looks, even though I am not on holiday. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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