The Spice Sisters Feat. Babbu

Thanks to the Internet gods, every day I come across so many people doing some of the most amazing work I have ever seen in the 24 years of my existence! One such person is Babbu The Painter, a person as intriguing as her Instagram username. Babbu, documented as Babneet Lakhesar, was born in Punjab but her family soon moved to Canada. On my explore feed I once came across a denim jacket with the face of an aunty (a typical Indian aunty). On opening the profile I stumbled on more gems, my favourite being a t-shirt with Govinda’s face all over, there was no looking back after that. We got in touch soon and I knew I wanted to something with her someday, SOMEDAY.

That someday happened almost after an year when she decided to tour India for a few months and even came up with her latest collection by the name ‘Bakwaas’ while on the visit. Let me talk about this some more. The lady uses sassy Indian words and phrases like Bindaas, Fudu, Fu*k Indira and Main Hoon Na amongst others. So when we decided to collaborate I knew wanted to do something different with her. She already does some out-of-the-world kind of shoots and videos and there was no way I could surpass that so I decided to keep it lowkey (not Loki, although I wish!)  I went on to create the story in two pieces, depicting the life of two sisters, something that even I hadn’t done before. Of course not to forget the kickass Bakwaas collection that we featured here.

Chapter 1

 These sisters have always done everything together, whether it is learning how to make round chapattis or rounds of stolen cigarettes. They may be the shy little girls in front of their shadi-obsessed mother, irl these two are typical gangsters, more like gangstas! In a pair of hand me down shoes from their good-for-nothing brother, they decided to come see the city. This chapter is all about that afternoon.

Photo 21-04-17, 12 44 40 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 46 16 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 45 13 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 45 28 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 45 07 AM

Photo 02-05-17, 10 45 51 PM

Chapter 2

Life took a 180 degree turn. The two started their own spice business. After what may have been a few harsh years, their throats and noses are now used to the huge bags of chilly powder and they sit comfortably in a little office half-filled with their spice inventory to be loaded in a truck later that evening. The brother still remains a good-for-nothing, while mother dearest is now obsessed with her sapphire set rather than the girls’ weddings. Happy ending? Of course.

Photo 21-04-17, 12 48 48 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 49 33 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 50 59 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 50 34 AM (2)

Photo 21-04-17, 12 50 04 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 49 33 AM

Photo 21-04-17, 12 51 18 AM


In collaboration with Babbu The Painter, check her website out here- Babbu’s Dukaan

Hope you guys enjoyed the story!

All pictures and edits by The Colab

Until next time,


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